Curve Experiences! 🏖

Calling all Curve adventurers, shoppers and foodies :airplane: :shopping_bags: :bento:

This is your chance to get a snapshot of your life (ft your Curve card, obv) onto Curve’s Instagram and Twitter.

Boarding a plane to somewhere exotic? Tucking into a meal at that restaurant you saved up to go to? Show us and you could win money! :money_with_wings:

We’ll give £10 Curve Cash to anyone whose photo we use! Almost like getting paid to shop…

Want to get involved? Just take a photo of a purchase or experience made possible by spending with Curve and share it here! Don’t forget to include your Curve card in the shot like the photos below.

Please never share a photo of the back of your Curve card. Photos will be chosen at the Curve team’s discretion and you’ll be contacted privately if we want to post yours.

Get snap happy, Curvers :camera_with_flash:

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Is this closed, I don’t see any replies?

Is this now closed? I don’t see any posts in reply to the OP on that thread?

Hello @SingingDwarf,

It’s not closed :slight_smile:


Definitely not closed, @SingingDwarf, as we’ll be running this indefinitely. We’d love to see you get involved if you’re interested! :grin:

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Paying :credit_card: today for our this year’s Christmas tree :christmas_tree: at a plantation :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::


Looking great, @Petr_Andel! I hope your tree looks as good once it’s decorated! :clap::christmas_tree:


A wee jaunt into the centre of Edinburgh made possible with Curve :smiley:


Looks like a good time out! The second picture reminds me that I need to get on with my Christmas shopping some time soon… :sweat_smile:

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I like the artsy approach you’ve taken, @Ichie! :astonished: Question is, did you use your Curve card to buy those various bits and bobs? :wink:

As a Curve investor who is in love with the curve brand and it’s vision! I did purchase the Tedx book on Amazon with the curve card, the up-cycled paper earrings made by my brand IlekeCo, the Clearish wipe,Recycled-plastic spoon, PET preform all sums up my new startups This year 2021.
How about this picture on a Recent flight to Germany



Thanks for being a long time Curve supporter, we’re a big fan of that swag showing up in this one! :man_dancing:

These ones are going on my Christmas list!

Very festive presents and a great idea to think outside the box with the Apple Pay image! :bulb:

So what do you think? :thinking::christmas_tree:

I think everyone can agree you’ve smashed it! :christmas_tree:

Thank you :wink: and I hope you can see tiny red Curve card :credit_card: next to the tree… :grin:

I did spot it! :mag: Maybe we need to look into Curve tree ornaments for next year as it fits in well with the rest of the display.

Sorry @Petr_Andel, was just looking at the contributions here again and is that astroturf in your living room? :joy:

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:grinning: Do you like it? :grin: Well, it’s just a 2,5×1,5 m rug with long green “hairs” (or how to say it in English :hugs:)… Yeah, it might look like a grass, true. :wink: