Curve Experts

Hey! We’ve just launched Curve Experts. This will be a group of dedicated customers who want to be part of building Curve with customer feedback and experience in mind.

The product team will be in contact with the Curve Experts by phone and email to collect your feedback and insights regularly.

You can join on this link:

Looking forward to welcoming you to the group!


Really nice way for improving your product!

Signed up, hope there are some perks involved!

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Signed up with my last name in the phone number field. :man_facepalming:t2:

Great, joined yesterday! :smiley:

Hey, send me a DM with your email address and phone number and I can try to amend it for you.

Nice to have everyone on board!

I’ve joined too, but when will all this start?

I already received my first questionnaire.

I’m all signed up!

Hey! Glad to hear that you’ve signed up. This will be continuous, and you will be contacted by the product team at different times depending on the researches that are currently going on. Of course, I am also happy to schedule a call with you for an initial chat if you like. Just let me know :slight_smile:

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Signed up and looking forward to helping others

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