Curve family subscription


I think it would be a good product idea to have a curve family subscription where benefits of the premium can be shared by a household.


That’s a good idea. I would upgrade further for that :slight_smile:

Curve family!!!

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yeah thats seems good idea maybe insted £9.99 metal make sharable with friends or family


Unfortunately I doubt that will work, or at least work at a price point that would be much cheaper then individual subscriptions.

For that reason and reason alone it will be a non starter.

I’ve just had another thought how would that actually work? What 2 or more individual subscriptions under one subscription fee or the other two or more subscriptions have additional cards issued? Each have their pros and cons.

I’d say it could work similar to e.g. Spotify Family plan. :family_man_woman_girl_boy: If that would be feasible for Curve, that’s a question… :thinking:

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This would be great.

I understand title as “Show us photo of Curve team” :joy:

Would be good in the interim to have a joint account facility. This could be potentially easier to manage than a family account, not sure of the processes involved with this though.