Curve Features coming -2019 but Still nothing to show for

So i got an email from Curve on Dec 17, 2018 at 4:24 PM ( i presume the rest of community did as well ) and when i finished reading it I went WOW … i am glad i was part of this game-changing fintech company as one of its users … but fast forward 2019 Q1 besides an overrated Metal card there is not much to show for

I paid the £150 upfront for a metal card …tempted with the below offers that was out but besides waiting and hoping tomorrow would be the day when all the features come into effect but nothing and the rollout has been at a snail pace

  • Lounge Key (still waiting) / no free lounge visits as the AMEX Gold card gives u
  • Permanent 1 % cashback (still nothing)
  • AMEX integration ( was excited for 1 day and then gutted =)) … no matter the arguments of being unfair merchants agreement etc / whats the update on Curve getting AMEX back nothing- no timeline?

the below were also said to be new features from the email back in 2018 Dec which have still not materialised and was against all CURVE cards.

  • Curve sent P2P and Curve Cast
  • Curve Credit
  • Swipe to cancel subscriptions

So My question is CURVE you have so many people invested in ur metal card what makes it premium compared to N26 /Revolut who have similar features and their lounge access to available the moment u register?

The AXA insurance has so many ifs and buts you wonder if it actually covers u for anything at all … I am too scared to even call them in case something goes wrong to get a claim only to be told that is not applicable under some clause buried under many pages T&C …

when I first joined CURVE I was impressed and thought here is a company with a vision to make banking simple but as time goes it’s as convoluted as the rest of the bunch

Sorry if the post may seem a bit disjointed but it’s just been a frustratingly long wait … if the features were not ready … the Metal card should never have rolled out … think everyone would have waited and enjoyed it more with all features available.

Besides an overpriced metal card/expensive paper weight … which is apparently worth £50 (non refundable ) if i cancel my metal subscription today … i dont really see any benefit from being a premium card holder …

There is also no dedicated concierge service which you would get with N26/Revolut if you go METAL?


Hello there,

We will know a bit more tomorrow, the 8th of avril, during the presentation with curve at there office what they have under the hood. Hopefully some good news.

Just wait and see!!

Well been waiting:)) let’s see what they have to say …

Yes I agree I have been with curve from the start and I cannot see how you get the rebate also how you know what retails out of the 6

So does anyone know what the big reveal or update was yesterday?


I guess the event must not have been that exciting.


Just posted my impressions of the Curve event having attended it on 8 April - see: Meetup 8th of April at Curve’s Office - “Curve Talks: Our Vision, and a Sneak Peek!”.

(I consider this post linking to another topic to be “on topic” given preceding messages requesting news of the Curve event on 8 April so please do not mistakenly flag it as “off topic”).


Read it and disappointed am downgrading to blue effective immediately… as and when curve get their act back together will look at upgrading… currently it’s just a nice to have gimmick …

This is exactly how I feel. I’m paying for metal monthly and am yet to see a single benefit I’m getting for the money.

well i have requested for a downgrade at this point to a blue … it not worth the £150 even the insurance cover is extremely convoluted … so i dont know what i am paying it for … hopefully CURVE gets their act together … and its worth coming back in then … have to pay the £50 for the metal card and whatever they calculate prorata as per the T&C … i have pointed out that its not entirely fair as they (CURVE) havent met the obligations of the product features and perks promised … guess the lil guy always looses =))

Hi @AJKU16,

Thanks for your comments and your feedback. With the email we sent back in December, we wanted to open up our plans for 2019 and share with you all the benefits that you’ll get by being with Curve. However, some of the progress is not as “visible” or as flashy as the new features we mentioned on our email. We are committed to making Curve the most reliable, secure and scalable financial product and we took some time to work on foundational blocks that will enable us to move faster in the future.

Just to give you a bit more context around the progress of the features you mentioned on your post:

  • We are at the testing phase with LoungeKey and will be able to launch it very soon.
  • In terms of permanent cashback, we will provide more details to our customers in the following weeks, trust me, it’ll be worth the wait.
  • Unfortunately, for Amex support, we don’t have a clear timeframe yet.

Regarding the AXA insurance, is there a specific concern that I can help you with? We are working to make the T&Cs more digestible and easy to understand, so please, let me know your questions, I’ll explain any details.

And for the coming new functionality, I would be more than happy to walk you through our roadmap, and introduce you to the team if you want to come by the office. In the meantime, I’ll advance that peer-to-peer payments is the next major feature in the pipeline (with the rest to follow).

I consider all feedback a gift, so I personally thank you for keeping us in check so that we can build something that you can’t live without.

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Hi Diego

Thank you for responding and providing an update it’s great to know what’s going on otherwise we hardly hear anything from Curve .

What you state above is great but would be actually great is a defined time line for the products and features ( if we keep AMEX aside although that was the main feature that caught me and many others I presume as the best feature)

Also what is CURVE plans to compensate all the Metal Card users on a Pro rata basis for delivering the perks and features the Metal Card was sold on … we are being charged irrespective of the feature is available or not .

i am really curious what is the premium point of the CURVE Metal Card at this juncture that stands out against the other premium cards in the market ? What new feature is getting rolled out to make me remain a Metal member.

Thanks for the offer to come and meet the team it’s appreciated but I rather have you guys deliver on your objectives first and then would appreciate the meet and greet (if the offer still stands )

AXA coverage in terms of what and who is covered is so convoluted for a company who wants to keep things simple and with an objective to cut the red tape in banking this insurance offer is so confusing I am even worried to call them and ask them if I can make a claim or not … this is something maybe you guys could look into what and how Amex does it their insurance cover is great and so seamless for the premium cards


As one of the first beta testers/users - Lets be frank. You say the same or sell the same story each time. The bottom line is the metal card is a farce and you should reimburse all the metal card holders for not delivering on what they / we have paid for?

Plus not to mention the ongoing lack of reliability of using the card. So much for one card to replace several. I have had so many bad embarrassing experiences I’ve lost count.

The customer service is beyond pathetic, not getting a reply for weeks and still no customer phone number to speak directly which is a must for anything that is used for financial access.

This is what people are fed up with it’s been going on and on and all we get is blah blah blah, keep waiting this and that same old blah blah blah. What type of a company promises things they have not even set up…just a load of rubbish. If you are having finance and staff difficulties the tell us and stop with the embarrassing cover up stories/lies. Just be truthful.


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