Curve Flex Announcement 🎉

Curve Flex Announcement :tada:

Yesterday, we were very proud to announce Curve Flex for the first time across our social media and we’re excited to hear the opinions of our Community members on this amazing new feature too! Curve Flex is a unique rival to Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL). After receiving FCA approval on September 1st, we have quietly launched Curve Flex to simplify and unify credit. It offers customers the power to pay later for almost any purchase made at any merchant, from any card, up to a year ago.

Curve Flex builds on our patented and trademarked Go Back in Time technology to let customers convert almost any purchase made on any card linked to the Curve platform in the past 12-months into an instalment plan; all the customer has to do is swipe to pay later. Curve Flex is better than any existing BNPL solution on the market, as it is not restricted to specific merchants, accounts, cards, or products. It brings control back to the customer and is another step in Curve’s mission to become the super app for money.

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Will it be available to all Curve users? Or only to UK citizens?
It sounds rather interesting :smiley:
Thanks for any comments



Will Curve be able to implement this in such a way that purchases will be protected under Section 75? Maybe having a selectable virtual credit card within the Curve app would work?

The same day Monzo announce ‘Monzo Flex’?! So another idea that doesn’t separate Curve from the competitor. I also have a relative who works within Lloyds Bank Head Office and they’ve begun discussions on developing their own GBiT across your Lloyds bank accounts (only of course) …


Bit slow i am on queue 2

What puts me off these things is that they report to credit referencing agencies - which Amazon, Klarna and the likes don’t.

I don’t like the idea of having an open account I only rarely use sitting there on my record with a credit limit attached.


I think I can reassure you on this point, @andyk. Checking your eligibility for Curve Flex will not impact your credit score. However, when you take out your first instalment plan, we will register a “hard” credit search and your obligations with us will be known to other lenders. This “hard” credit search may impact your credit score but, again, will be a one-off check!

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So you do not report having the ability to use Curve Flex as a credit account then? Or report on the repayments?

Either way, having a load of hard credit searches is generally considered a bad thing so anyone using Curve Flex vaguely regularly is going to be frowned upon by most credit lenders.

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I joined curve flex but i see that i am 6856 on the list. My friend joined also and he is 650 on the list why ?? I joined first

You must have to have an insanely long mailing list to get over 600 “friends” to sign up. Something seems kinda weird about Lukasz’s experience.

Curve Credit updates (from email)

Thanks for being part of the Curve Credit beta.

Your feedback helped us build Curve Flex, the next evolution in credit, which we announced yesterday.

Flex lets you split almost any payment you’ve made in the past year into instalments so you can free up money with a single swipe.

As a VIP, you’ll skip the queue and get priority access to apply and check your eligibility for Flex as soon as we’ve added the finishing touches.

What this means for you

We’ll be closing the beta in October and you will notice your available credit reducing. We’ll let you know 7 days before your account is closed.

You don’t need to repay your loans early, any existing agreements will remain live and we’ll continue to collect repayments as per your schedule.

I have an issue with this thing. You already did a hard credit search on my Equifax report on 17th May 2021, why do you have to credit search me again for the same thing? Wouldn’t a soft search be enough?


Am I the only one feeling a way about finding out about Curve Flex from a friend that’s a monzo fan boy before Curve themself?

Unless I missed something, I was never informed by curve about Flex, didn’t even get an email. I would think as an investor I would have the inside scope of the brand I constantly champion whenever I’m out with friends or next to a stranger shuffling through dozens of cards in a queue at Tesco.

Last I heard was curve was working on curve credit, this was some time ago, way before monzo mentioned monzo flex. Fast forward to Monzo’s promotion of their flex service, curve credit has now become curve Flex?

Please tell me I’m missing something? Ha!

Curve do better with letting your loyal customers know about new products and services :cry:


This. Exactly this.


Curve late to the party again.

Despite the article yesterday afternoon in The Guardian being 50/50 in regards to ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ Fintech companies and the ‘concerns’ about them, it was in some way disappointing to read that Monzo was mentioned for their new ‘Flex’, along with the other Fintech companies (Klarna, PayL8r etc), but not one single mention of Curve…

Probably they already know that on curve it won’t work for months exactly as it is happening with diners that 2 months after the announce still doesn’t work in Italy. Curve is a shame.

Curve should hurry up. Monzo is introducing the same feature soon:

I personally think ALL BNPL should be logged on your credit file, that fact that the likes of Klarna don’t log your balance leads to people being able to borrow more than they can comfortably afford. Surely a one off hard search is all that is required, then usual monthly ongoing balance and payment updates. Do Curve intend to offer 3 months interest free like Monzo and Tymit? Unfortunately, I won’t be paying interest!