Curve Flex? What happened to Curve Credit?

Am I the only one feeling a way about finding out about Curve Flex from a friend that’s a monzo fan boy before Curve themself?

Unless I missed something, I was never informed by curve about Flex, didn’t even get an email. I would think as an investor I would have the inside scope of the brand I constantly champion whenever I’m out with friends or next to a stranger shuffling through dozens of cards in a queue at Tesco.

Last I heard was curve was working on curve credit, this was some time ago, way before monzo mentioned monzo flex. Fast forward to Monzo’s promotion of their flex service, curve credit has now become curve Flex?

Please tell me I’m missing something? Ha!

Curve do better with letting your loyal customers know about new products and services :cry:


What happened (will happen) to Curve credit. :point_down:t2:

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