Curve for B2B - my Company pays my trips

Wouldn´t it be cool if my company could found my business trips in Curve?

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I’m not sure about what your suggestion actually is. If you mean adding company cards to the Curve app, you can currently do that, as long as the card is issued in your name. You can also tag each transaction as a “Business Purchase”, so it’s showed in a seperate place in Insights. If you rather think of creating a corporate panel for monitoring and paying for Curve’s transactions, that seems like a nice option to have, but also a lot of engineering.

You might also become interested in Curve Receipts, that is purchase confirmations sent to your e-mail address. You can forward them to your company to let them track your spending.

The idea is to bring a virtual card which is founded by my company into my Curve wallet. So I wouldn´t need a corporate card anymore. Just use my Curve card found by this virtual card for my next business trip. I agree and wouldn´t see the monitoring inside Curve. This could done external. I am convinced that this could make a travelers life easier, especially for those who don´t own a corporate card.

You can already add a revolut virtual card to your curve wallet (which I’ve done) to create a physical card from a virtual card. I see no reason why you couldn’t do this with other banks if your underlying bank supports virtual cards.

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That´s good to know. In the B2B area, I think this can really help.