Curve (free) Black limits suddenly reduced

Around December 28th my forever free (due to referrals, so not Legacy) Black plan suddenly shows €1,000/mo fair FX and no included use of non-EEA cards. Other limits have also been reduced—see screenshot.

I’ve confirmed that charges are currently being applied. I’m not above the (actual) €1,000/mo free International card spend limit, so that’s not the reason for the charges.

Does anyone else have the same issue?

Better contact support.
Not understanding why that is happening. Better ask support.
Good luck

Thank you! Yeah, that was my first course of action. They replied to me yesterday after I nudged them on Twitter.

Their first response was that it was probably a UI issue and asked me to reinstall the app. That didn’t help and it’s definitely not a UI issue as I am being hit with charges and can’t GBiT more than 30 days, etc. Let’s see what they say next.

Anyway, my intention with creating this thread was more to see if more people were affected or if it’s an isolated issue with my account. Guessing it’s the latter—or perhaps an issue with those who got the forever free (not legacy) Black plan a few years back.

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I am also affected by this. Did you hear back from them yet?

Also affected, on the same plan.
Haven’t verified if the charges are actually being applied.
What hasn’t worked, is adding a Swiss card though.

No response in the past 9 days, unfortunately. I’d suggest messaging them as well (if you didn’t already) to let them know more people are having the issue.

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