Curve Fronted - An Important Update

Edit: Apologies, I wrote the wrong date, this was launched today April 24th.

Please note

  • We initially rolled out this function as a new service in November with 60 days notice for all customers. Today’s launch builds on that service and you can now pay with your underlying credit card where it previously wasn’t allowed. You’ll have to turn on the feature to use it.

  • In order to use Curve Fronted, you have to enable the feature in-app. When launching the service it’s by default turned off for all customers. If you try to make this type of transaction it will be rejected unless you’ve opted into the service and accepted the fee.

We’re making some changes to the way Curve Fronted works and the type of transactions you will be charged for making.

Curve Fronted currently applies only to transactions made at HMRC, with a 1.5% fee being applied for Curve Blue & Curve Black customers. This is free for Curve Metal customers.

As of Friday, April 24th 2020, a fee of 1.5% will be applied for certain financial services transactions, such as paying off your credit card bill with an underlying credit card, using your Curve Card, for Curve Blue & Curve Black customers. There will be no fee applied for Curve Metal customers.

This will apply to all customers in both the UK & EEA.

Why are we doing this?

In the name of transparency, it ain’t cheap. These transactions aren’t typically possible and cost us a lot of money. As we’ve grown, we’ve realised the cost just isn’t sustainable.

So we considered our options. We could do what most companies do and block these kinds of transactions altogether. This would certainly solve the cost issue, but it didn’t sit well with us and our ultimate aim to simplify your finances – we want you to have control over your money, not us.

So we decided to introduce a fee that would offset the cost to the business, but still be low enough for you to be worth it, without having to take out another credit card with a balance transfer.

We’ve exempted Curve Metal customers from the fee as the subscription fee enables us to cover the cost of transactions.

We’ve built the functionality so you’ll have to toggle-on Curve Fronted in the app in order to complete a credit-on-credit transaction.

We know this will come as bad news to some of you, but hope you can understand the reasons behind the decision.

What which transactions attract this fee?

Good question. This fee will only apply to payments made to financial service providers, money transfer platforms, mortgage brokers, loan providers, banks/building societies, investments, savings & payments that represent taxes or are categorised as governmental payments; when you have a credit card selected as funding card when making the payment with a Curve card.

Merchants within these industries carry a particular merchant category code (MCC) which is determined to understand what type of merchant they are. This information is received automatically from the payment terminal/online payment portal when you complete a transaction and it is this MCC that we will be used to identify transactions which attract a fee

This means, for example, that if you use Curve to clear your credit card bill with a credit card selected in the app you will be charged a 1.5% fee (of overall transaction value) for each payment. There will be no fee applied for Curve Metal customers.

This fee does not apply for ATM withdrawals made with a selected credit card using Curve. ATM withdrawal charges are subject to your card issuers terms and conditions.

How to enable Curve Fronted

Curve Fronted will work slightly differently depending on which Curve card you have.

If you are a Curve Blue or Curve Black customer, Curve Fronted will not be enabled automatically you’ll have to switch Curve Fronted on in the app.

To enable Curve Fronted simply tap the Card tab in your app, select the Profile icon, scroll down to Curve Fronted and toggle the feature on or off as required.

If you do not first enable Curve Fronted, when you go to pay your credit card or tax bill with a credit card, the transaction will be blocked, and you’ll be prompted to switch Curve Fronted on in the app. A 1.5% fee will be charged straight to your credit card when you make the payment.

If you’re a Curve Metal customer, the transaction will go straight through – no switches, no fees.

The boring but necessary legal bit:
These types of transactions remain free when you pay with an underlying Debit Card. In addition to paying off your credit card bill with another credit card as a funding card, there are a small number of other financial services payments that will attract this fee, please see our FAQs. Usage of this functionality is subject to our Fair Use Policy. Paying credit with credit may affect your credit score. Your underlying funding credit card issuers may still charge a fee for Curve Fronted transactions, please refer to their card terms and conditions. For more information on how Curve Fronted works, see our FAQs.

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Just got an email about fronted transactions. My view is this is absolutely the wrong time to implement such a change! Disgraceful, absolutely disgusting in a time when “everyone is coming together” people loosing their jobs and financial uncertainty!
You have big proper banks not charging interest and fees plus extending overdrafts/loans. What does Curve do slap fees on transactions, I certainly think differently about Curve as a organisation “for its customers”!


Here in Portugal I can perfectly pay the government with a credit card. In fact there isn’t any situation I’m aware of where a debit card would be accepted but not a credit card. One can also buy government bonds at the post office and pay with a credit card. Would this also be subjected to the fee?

From Curve’s FAQ:

“This is not a surcharge, Curve is charging you a fee for a service of being able to use a credit card where they are not normally accepted or where commercial credit cards are charged a substantial fee.”

Given that in the situation I describe credit cards are already accepted, what is the service Curve is providing to justify the fee?


Is it possible to display the MCC codes in the Curve App for each transaction? I would like to check my historical payments.


The timing is absolutely atrocious.

And you’ve still failed to explain why you’re applying this to corporate Curve cards where the interchange fee cap doesn’t apply. When will you be explaining that?

If you’re charging a fee in excess of 0.3% to the merchants where this is happening then surely Curve is already making a profit out of our transactions?


“Merchants within these industries carry a particular merchant category code (MCC) which is determined to understand what type of merchant they are.”

Please list all the affected MCC codes, if you really want to be transparent.


I in a way agree with antharris on this one. The timing on this one is, in my opinion not right.


Hi, I can’t see this on my app?

“To enable Curve Fronted simply tap the Card tab in your app, select the Profile icon, scroll down to Curve Fronted and toggle the feature on or off as required.”

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Why are there no benefits with Curve Black?


Is this effective immediately for existing curve customers, or do we have a bit of a grace period?


Absolutely agree with the other comments on here; the timing of this is, frankly, appalling.

Also, please list all the MCC codes this charge will apply to so that we have complete transparency.


9399 & 6012



How nice to implement changes 3 days ago but email your customers only today. I do hope that the transactions I’ve just charged to another card (go back in time) won’t incur in any of those pesky fees. BTW without giving notice to your customers I’m not sure how you can get away with charging extra fees… will make sure to dispute that if you do.

Curve card has lost another appealing attractive after losing Amex (and I doubt you’ll ever get it back). I was an early adopter, Curve commercial card beta version etc… It’s the first time I’ve been thinking about cancelling it and that’s it. Shame I invested money in you…


What a joke. Way to kill your USP.


Sounds pretty illegal.


Perfect timing… just in time for people who are struggling with credit at the moment …

Curve can’t be anymore sensitive than this :sweat_smile:


The timing of this change is awful. There is now 0 benefit of (Legacy) Curve Black vs Blue.

Additionally, it is clear that these changes were made a few days ago, but you have only communicated them now. There is absolutely no excuse for this and I am incredibly disappointed in Curve as a company, and as an investor.

There should be a minimum of 30 days advance notice before making a change of this nature


I would suggest to go and vote in the Ideas section to have the MCC codes displayed

MCC code and/or description shown in transaction details


What the heck? In Romania none of above mentioned entities are charging me when paying with credit card. Why would you do that??and i’ve invested in you…if i will notice a fee, i will get to other fintechs as curve will not be anymore attractable…

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Lovely way of devaluing all subscription tiers except metal, horrific decision making at this company.