Curve Fronted - An Important Update

Bin codes are still only 6 digits atm. The migration to 8 digits is not yet complete?

Interesting to know if the 53759083 BIN is accurate as I checked with a different BIN service and it said 537690 is German which we know it isn’t!

5375 9083 is recognized by Polish terminals as a PLN card, while 5375 9000 is not.

Not all processors and acquirers are required to migrate to 8 digits just yet, they have plenty of time until April 2022. Effectively, the 8-digit BIN has already been in use in some regions.

Commercially available BIN checkers are not always correct and often contain outdated information. Curve’s BINs often used to be tagged as some Australian bank in the past.

DE BIN: 5375 9020
PL BIN: 5375 9083
IT BIN: 5375 9064

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Does anyone know the expected BIN for Ireland? Because I am constantly offered to pay in GBP :frowning:

There is a BIN for Ireland.

Yeah, I saw it, that’s why I asked which one, to see if my card has it or not (as I fear) :wink:


Maybe out of topic. But is Fronted something used in Europe? I read paying taxes etc, not sure if we do this?

Depends on the country, I assume.

In Spain, no. All your taxes and bills and credit card statements are SEPA-direct debited to your bank account. Even if they aren’t automatically debited by the organization, you cannot pay with a card in these cases.

Instead you’d either provide to the issuer an account IBAN of your property where the SEPA mandate will be then sent, or provide your bank with the bill details (in a lot of banks this can be done automatically with taking a picture now) for them to make the transfer in your name.

Another for the list:

ES BIN: 5539 6339

Has anyone tried this? I checked the Curve website says:

If you have initially used a credit card and you’re charged a 1.5% fee, you can have it refunded by using the ‘Go Back in Time’ feature to move the payment to an underlying debit card.

How is the initial 1.5% charge done? For example if my payment is £200, does my underlying credit card get charged £203?

If I GBIT the payment (within 90 days) to a debit card, £203 is refunded to the initial underlying credit card and £200 is charged to the new GBITed debit card?

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That’s pretty much correct - the only difference is that we would charge the underlying debit card £200 first (to make sure there are funds) and then immediately refund the £203 to the underlying credit card.

Hope this helps!



I am sure this has been discussed many times, but up until a month ago I was able to pay for my american express card with my curve blue as my underlying card was the Virgin atlantic card. All of a sudden I tried to pay it just now and it decline, can anyone help as to why this is happening and if Curve very recently changed a policy as it was fine before?

Thanks in advance.

Hey @Racingwhitefire - It would be best to contact Curve support as they can see the reason for the decline, drop them a line at :slight_smile:

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I’m quite concerned here reading about MCCs, them not being fixed and charges maybe happening. I expect to use this card without having to know about them (this is the first I’ve read about them). I really should not have to be worrying about this when purchasing.

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Has anyone contacted Curve support about the lack of 2 months notice?

I did. Support has replied saying:

We initially rolled out this function as a new service in November, with 60 days’ notice for all customers.

Actually, the email I received from Curve in November (titled ‘Heads up’) was related to ‘government-based payments made with a credit card e.g. HMRC,…’.

The rules (terms) are quite clear - 2 months’ notice for changing existing fees or introducing new fees.

Last I heard, the rules apply the same for everyone - unless you are a senior government adviser breaking the rules, then of course we can turn a blind eye and ‘move on’.

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You can report Curve’s actions via

I am pretty sure that Curve has no easy or clear way to differentiate whether your payment to Klarna is to pay off a credit or if it is a regular transaction through Klarna. Then they might just have made one implementation and it strikes against all those transactions regardless if it should apply or not.

Is there a way to see that my transaction was a curve fronted one if I am on Metal?

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Hey there. Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to view this in your Curve app at the moment, but if you contact our support team at they will be happy to provide you with this information. It’s an interesting idea, so thank you! I will forward it onto our Product Team to review.

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