Curve Fronted - Credit Card Payments & Other Payments

Hey all,
I’ve had a good search but can’t find a relevant post.

I have Curve Metal and using the fronted feature to pay HMRC for some business reasons, on to a credit card, as a way of earning points. All successful so far.

I wanted to know if anyone else has a list of other opportunities in ways to collect extra points.

I know many credit card companies will charge a “Cash Advance” fee on their end if you try to pay off another credit card etc.

I was hoping if anybody has information or experience on which organisations are implementing which rules, such as credit card companies, mortgage providers, NS&I, Revolut etc.

Any help would be appreciated!


I pay my council tax with Fronted, and successfully collect cashback on my underlying Natwest Rewards card.

For some reason my Natwest card does NOT recognise paying other credit cards as a cash advance, so I haven’t been charged when I’ve been doing so. Same applied for an ATM withdrawal! I don’t want to push it though, I don’t put that much through it on that side of things.

From what I’ve heard this case is very much in the minority, the vast majority of credit cards will call it a Cash Advance and charge you for it. I’ve tried a Tesco Bank credit card, which did recognise it as a cash advance, but am yet to test other cards. Chase, though not a credit card, does correctly recognise transactions even through Curve so won’t pay cashback on anything they wouldn’t usually pay on.

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Thanks for your help on that, Council Tax is a useful one.

Can I ask what Natwest card you use?

I wonder if I could do a small ATM withdrawal/CC payment, and if it comes up on the underlying card as a cash advance I could go back it time to put it on a Debit Card, therefore refunding and not paying a cash advance fee. Wondering if this is a good way of going around and seeing which cards work?!

I don’t know if they’d cancel the fee honestly, haven’t tried that yet. It’s a standard Natwest Reward credit card, though I’ve had it for about 6 years so maybe it’s a little grandfathered in?

Some cards have the option to ‘freeze’ or block cash advance transactions, so you could potentially enable that if it’s an option and see which bounce without fear of fees?

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Good thinking regarding freezing the underlying card! Thanks for that.

Anyone else, would be good to know of any other routes (NS&I etc.)

Can create a list for the benefit of everyone.