Curve Fronted - Foreign Currency Transactions Count?

Feels stupid to have to ask this question, but the app still doesn’t show your Curve Fronted spend separately (which is ridiculous given you’re charged for spend over £10k)…

Does foreign spend count as fronted? Spent heavily abroad this month on the curve and I need to make sure I don’t go over the £10k when also using the card for normal fronted transactions (tax payments in this case).

No, fronted is being able to pay your tax bill when you can’t usually pay by credit card as the tax company rejects/declines them.

Your foreign transactions and everything else will just show as normal transactions, as they are just that.

When you say “show”, how do you identify them in the app?

As when you ever use your card. Your transactions will show in the wallet section of to app under the relevant card, or under the My Money timeline.

Fronted only indicates like below.

But Fronted won’t appear like this if you have Curve Metal and have spent less that £10,000. I think it may be impossible to spot Curve Fronted transactions. I paid my rates (we still have rates in Northern Ireland) using Curve with an underlying credit card. In NI you can pay rates using a credit card. However, Curve processed it as a Curve Fronted transaction which meant I exceeded my £10k monthly limit.

After extensive, and very slow, discussion with Curve they refused to refund the fees, which were extensive, but offer me a £10 goodwill credit!

There, obviously, should be a monthly spend counter that shows the use of Curve Fronted. It’s one of the many mysteries concerning Curve about why they don’t introduce that.


Curve is somewhat still in its infancy of where it’s going (if it lasts much longer).

These things will probably come eventually.

Given you’re unhappy you are over what’s happened you’d need to raise a complaint, and take it to the ombudsman.

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There’s so many aspects of the service which are problematic that I decided to abandon Curve Metal.