Curve Fronted option missing

After reinstall Curve app there is “Curve Fronted” option missing in my profile. Please see details in attach (screenshot from app after reinstall and before). Does it means that it is not necessary to activate Curve fronted option to use credit card as underlaying card for metal plans or is there any bug?

Hi Ja, Welcome to the Curve Community. No it’s not a bug, as for metal users Curve Fronted is automatically activated on your account. I hope that helps.

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As a metal customer I still have the option in the app.

Mainly I have not changed my Metal plan. I have Metal card for many months. However since yesterday Curve Fronted option in my profile is not available anymore.
Reinstall the app has not helped.

@Ja - just check if its working or not. If fronted feature is covered in metal’s price it makes sense to not show it on app.

But why do I still have it as a paying metal customer? I can still choose if I want it turned on or not.

Are you on the iOS Beta or on the normal App? I am on beta. Maybe this has something to do with it.

I dont know. Maybe after reinstall, app was changed a bit by Curve without changing revision number. Reinstall app (if you wish) and check then.

I reinstalled the beta and it’s still there.

I am on normal app, not on beta. As I described - this option disappeard somehow withnout changing version of the app. It is still 3.5.3 (4059) on iOS. I even have not updated app on App Store.

On Friday app logged me out automaticly and after I logged it again it was gone.

It looks this is change by Curve according “Curve Fronted” new information. However I contacted support and they confirm me that this is bug (?).
Really confused about this.

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