Curve fronted - paying credit card?

I’ve read this great post on Curve Fronted and understand the things you can and can’t do and the benefits and limitations: Curve Fronted - An Important Update

It’s easy and obvious to do this with my Amex as I can log into my account, click make a payment and then pay with a different card:

However, I’m struggling on how to do this with my HSBC and Natwest Credit Cards as there isn’t an option like the above.

For NatWest, it seems like the only option via my account is from my NatWest Debit Account and the I believe the only option from another account is using CC number and sort code which I don’t think is possible using Curve Payments.

Very similar via HSBC where they ask you to use the ‘pay company’ option with your bank, but I don’t think Curve has this, as the only option is to pay other friends who also have Curve.

Am I missing something?

Not all financial institutions allow you to pay credit card/other bills by debit card.


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