Curve Fronted using Metal card, yet still getting cash advance charge when top-up Revolut


Upgraded to Curve Metal recently, mainly to take advantage of the free Curve Fronted feature.

However, when tried top up my Revolut account earlier using Apple Pay with my Curve Metal card, the underlying Credit Card still charging my a cash advance fee. Should this be happening?

This was not the case before, I am sure I used Curve card to top-up Revolut before without being cash advance charges! That was even before Curve Fronted being marketed as a “feature”

Anyone know how to resolve/bypass this fee will be much appreciated.

Hey @mh.wong, unfortunately, we don’t have control on the what the underlying card charges you :confused: Some card issuers may charge for these types of transactions, we’d advise getting in touch with them and reviewing their T’s and C’s!

Free Curve Fronted only stops you having to pay fees to Curve. They merely pass the MCC through from the underlying merchant and the fees for Revolut topups have been well documented. Personally I can’t see any benefit in using Curve to do such a topup rather than doing it directly from your credit card (assuming it’s one that doesn’t charge a fee). You’ll need to do your own experiments to see but in general Visa cards don’t seem to charge in the same way Mastercard do. Best to check on the Revolut forums though as it’s not really a Curve issue.

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All credit cards brought in charges for topping up Revolut accounts during January.

This is not true. I’ve used aqua with no charges many times since then.

It’s very specific to the card issuer. The only way to know for certain is to try it, or possibly rely on someone else’s experience

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That’s interesting.

I used Amazon Credit Card and got charged. That and Aqua are both NewDay cards, yet charging differently for the same MCC?

Just checked the last time I did this on aqua, which was 14 May. It definitely cleared as a purchase :man_shrugging:

Topping up Revolut with credit cards has been risky for several months now.

Revolut keep changing their merchant category code. What’s more, it appears that they send some customers to their MCC 4829 merchant account and send other customers to their MCC 6012 merchant account. Revolut themselves can’t always accurately advise which one they will send you to and the truth is nobody on the internet can either, even if advice and experience is shared in good faith.

If your credit card issuer charges cash advance fees or has a 0 day interest free period for MCC 4829 transactions then the best thing to do is to stop loading Revolut with it if the fees are an issue. Furthermore some issuers will not give you any cashback/points on MCC 4829 transactions. Some issuers consider 6012 a cash advance too.

MCC passthrough means that fronting your credit card with Curve will not stop you being charged for a cash like transaction if that’s what your card issuer does.

An easy way to avoid these charges is to top up Revolut with a current account debit card or by bank transfer. Other, less risky methods are available if you are a points collector.


OK, thanks.

How to explain cash withdrawal though? I understand that cash withdrawal can be fronted by Curve without being charged, up to a certain amount, even the underlying card is a credit card. I am sure this is still the way it works.

It is strange that cash withdrawal is not being charged but Revolut top-up does…

Would you be kind enough to share your method for topping up Revolut and still earn points safely? Thank you in advance.

It depends on how your credit card issuer treats the transaction. They can judge it by the MCC or the merchant itself. Some are ok with it, others aren’t.

I tried to withdraw £10 linked to one of my credit cards and it wasn’t having it - that issuer puts a blanket block on the MCC used for those transactions.

Topping Revolut up with a credit card to earn points is risky for the reasons I detailed and more. As this was the point I had hoped to make, it regrettably follows that I don’t know of a “safe” method for doing so.

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Discussion now well off topic, not related to Curve. Suggest Revolut forums for further discussions re their products.