Curve Fronted

I use my Curve for fronted charges, this hasn’t been working for the last week of so, just wondering if anyone else is having issues?

This worked perfectly fine last month, just wanted to see if other users are having issues.

Curve is blaming the other company and vice versa, not that I’m shocked about this it is just very annoying!

I can’t even pay a Credit Card off with an underlying Debit Card at the moment, the charges are just pending on my account and have used up all available balance as a pre-auth!

The charges are going through on Curve but my daily limit isn’t changing and still showing as ZERO, this leads me to believe that my credit card company is correct in saying the charges are being declined by Curve.

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The last couple of recent posts in the two topics below might indicate that others are having issues too:

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Yep, looks like government has made a payment change over past few days and since curve fronted isn’t working anymore :-1:t2:

Yeah, I’ve just seen this and Curve response as usual is slow to non-existent.

Thank you :slight_smile:

You are not alone, we are all waiting for a fix!

Been kicking off at the other company, finally got this from Curve