Curve Gadget Insurance & Cashback

How does Gadget Insurance work and how does Cashback work?
I just updated to Curve Metal - Got a lovely red card on the way :slight_smile:

I still cannot figure it out even when reading terms and conditions as I find Travel Insurance details.

Does the gadget insurance work as a mobile phone insurance, or does this only cover me abroad. If so, for how many items?

I also want to ask that I got prompted to add 6 retailers/service, assuming I get cashback on these. But once I added them, it said: “Valid for 0 days after activation”. I was getting cashback on my chosen retailer before on the plastic free card, so what does this mean, seeing as I UPGRADED.

Many thanks.

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The best thing to do is to read all the documentation when it comes to the insurance. The insurance, including gadget and car hire excess, is all provided under the same AXA travel insurance policy. Certain sections, including the gadget insurance, are excluded from the “only when you aren’t in your home country” clause.

There is not a limit on number of items, but supposedly the maximum item value is £800/€800. It is not clear whether this is retail value, current value or maximum claim amount. There is also a very limited definition as to what is defined as a gadget.

In regards the Curve rewards, if you were on the ‘select 3/6 retailers’ type programme previously, this only ever applies for the first few months you are a Curve customer and doesn’t restart if you change your subscription. If you weren’t, you will need to contact Curve support so that they can look into it.


Just to add to what @andyk said, now that we have launched Curve Cash, if you are on Black or Metal, you should now receive the cashback for an unlimited period of time. If you contact our customer service team at, they will be able to have a look at this for you and give you more information :blush: