Curve GBiT and cash withdrawals

How does GBiT work?

By default, my Curve card fronts for one of my credit cards (I have four of these, and two debit cards, linked to Curve).

I still occasionally need a bit of cash (if only because my barber doesn’t accept card payments). Ordinarily, if I withdraw cash from an ATM using a credit card, I’ll get stiffed for a cash advance fee (3%, minimum £3, I think). But if I withdraw cash using a debit card, the money just comes straight out of my current account with no fee being added. Presumably the cash advance fee will also apply if I use my Curve card as a front for a credit card.

But what happens if I use Go Back in Time to switch a cash withdrawal from the credit card to a debit card? Will the cash advance fee levied by the credit card also get wiped out, or will I still have to pay it? I’d like to think that it would be wiped, but want to be sure.

(Ordinarily, I’d expect to to change the card for which the Curve card fronts. However, (a) I might not have a phone signal where I am at the relevant time, or (b) mistakes do happen. I don’t want to find out the hard way if I can possibly avoid it.)

Hey @bluepeter, welcome to the Curve Community! :wave:

If you move a transaction to a debit card from a credit card then the full amount, including any fees, will be refunded once the debit card has been successfully charged!

You can check out our FAQ for more details on how Go Back In Time works but if you have any other general questions then let me know.

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Thank you.

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