Curve giving away premium for free to new users

I still think it is a very old fashioned method giving new members extra perks, the ones that deserve them are us loyal ones.


Bringing in new customers is essential for our further growth. You may have heard that we are currently fundraising :slight_smile: Signup offers are very common are we are trying different approaches to see what works the best. As a current customer, you can refer friends which will reward both you and the person you referred.


Fair enough, and now you will get the same reactions as bigger corporates who act the same way, which is fair enough too. This led to a lot of controversy on the web, eventually even losing clients.


P. S. And obviously after the “Reise” option was out, making referrals to friends with the own code is not fair in my book, when you know there is a better offer available.

Bringing in new customers is essential, but not losing existing customers by treating them as second class is vital.

As soon as an alternative to Curve comes along you will find that if you haven’t created loyalty then the loyalty of your customers soon shifts elsewhere.

Alternatively, create loyalty early on and a lot more people remember that and remain loyal themselves.

Personally speaking, only offering extras to new customers really irks me.

Put it to the test, do a poll to your customers;
“Us offering extra benefits to new customers only, will that make you more or less likely to remain with Curve long term”


We will test the affiliate campaign by analysing the yielded results. So far it has had an overall positive impact. This will help us fundraise and create new benefits and features for all our customers.

The offer we have for our current customers, including the Blue (free) tier, includes, but is not limited to: gather all your finances in one place, save up to 5% in exchange fees, and the Cashback Programme that’s valid for 90 days. Curve's Product Roadmap will show you what more is to come.

I’m sorry that you don’t like the campaign and you feel like second class - that’s not how you are viewed in eyes of the Curve team. Start-ups and scale-ups requires exponential growth. We are trying out different tactics to make that happen so we can fulfil our vision and live to see the day: to simplify money, giving you the financial freedom to enjoy life’s rich experiences.


It is understandable that you gain clients when you give away your premium for free. I wonder how many stick with it when the rates change.

We will do out best and find out :slight_smile:

I’m sure we all agree that Curve is trying to get new users, so there must be some sort of promo. But when the promo is too big, you are only attracting the freeloaders who will jump off the boat once they got the promo money etc.
Have a look here: or here:
Written in German, but you can use google translate.
Basicially, Wavy by Klarna gave out 5€ for free for signing up, everyone signed up, withdrew the 5€ and cancelled their account afterwards again.
Users were even pi**ed cause of delay in support emails due to the high sign up numbers. So in the end Wavy lost 5€ per signup and lots of bad user reviews about the app and users who will never think about using the app ever again

Or another example where a huge promos backfire:s

200€ travel credit + 75 AmEx MR points which can be converted + cashed out to 350€ for a monthly fee of 50€ with no min. contract time.
Everyone got the promo money and cancelled right after they received their promo, HUGE outcry + internet rant because AmEx underestimated the new sign up numbers and couldnt handle all the support requests via phone, email, mail,… and didn’t follow their own t&c
This way they ‘old’ users were furios cause their support respond time also went nuts.

What I’m trying to say:

  • Don’t make the signup promo too high to only attract freeloaders
  • dont give new users more benefits than existing members, otherwise you’ll get lots of account closures and existing members will sign up new again --> unwanted costs for new cards etc. + upset existing members
  • value existing users and encourage them to invite new friends (such as referral code) but signup bonus must meet certain criteria, such as min. spending etc. and dont allow to cash out the sign up bonus

I see this every day, especially in the start up scene, that lots of companies try to grow by giving out free stuff. In the end they burn only money without getting anything back, most of the time it even backfires cause of too many signups etc.


Just come across this thread, and must say I am a little disappointed that free premium is being offered to new customers. And , myself who has been a curve user since reasonably early, still has to pay to upgrade to black. Something I have been considering, so as to raise my limits.


I have asked curve about this, a week on and I’m still waiting for a reply “shortly”. Frankly the CS team is now inadequate for the take up.


Hi @Curve_Marie - noticed you said that Curve is fundraising! I hope I’m not repeating a message said elsewhere but would you folks at Curve be open to crowdfunding or HNW angel funding?

As a loyal Curve user, I would love to help contribute to Curve’s success! :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t understand the strategy here. So new users are rewarded with a premium, but us who’ve been with curve for a longer time and have proven our loyalty do not get any reward. Why?


Sad to hear this, I was asking only last week about the possibility of the upgrade but it was too expensive.

It really doesn’t help that this topic was one of those pictured in the email introducing the forum, either. :no_mouth:


Does the above code still work?

I feel a higher referral rate of £10 instead of £5, will be a bigger incentive to get new customers from your core base of loyal customers. Or for a limited period of 3 months only £20? I don’t know how financially viable it may be, but hanging a carrot in front is a good way to invigorate or even motivate people in using the Curve card.

It may be somewhat of a lost leader, but long term I hope Curve can see the benefits from the number of new customers joining.

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You all have very valid points. Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback! We will measure the immediate and lagging effect of doing this campaign. The result and your comments will be brought forward when evaluating the campaign and generating learnings.


I was on the waiting list from March till this last November as only last month Curve started shipping cards to Portugal. Before ordering the card at the end of last month I asked cs for the free upgrade to black and was declined. Not nice at all given that I was on the waiting list for 8 months and anyone else can use the promo code and get the card within a week

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From my point of view - only difference is in card color and limits. Nothing else I noticed so I can see it as test campaign how it works.

Nevertheless I thing everyone should understand that each and every company needs to be profitable and this you cannot achieve with free service/users. Nobody of us will work full time job for free. :slight_smile:

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It’s not working for free, they get swipe fees and other fee/commission revenue. Here in Portugal you have some banks where all account as well as card operations are totally free, with no monthly or annual payments. Said banks have hundreds of physical dependencies and are doing just fine, so it’s certainly doable, not even mentioning there are no ATM limits or fees