Curve giving away premium for free to new users

I was on the waiting list from March till this last November as only last month Curve started shipping cards to Portugal. Before ordering the card at the end of last month I asked cs for the free upgrade to black and was declined. Not nice at all given that I was on the waiting list for 8 months and anyone else can use the promo code and get the card within a week

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From my point of view - only difference is in card color and limits. Nothing else I noticed so I can see it as test campaign how it works.

Nevertheless I thing everyone should understand that each and every company needs to be profitable and this you cannot achieve with free service/users. Nobody of us will work full time job for free. :slight_smile:

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It’s not working for free, they get swipe fees and other fee/commission revenue. Here in Portugal you have some banks where all account as well as card operations are totally free, with no monthly or annual payments. Said banks have hundreds of physical dependencies and are doing just fine, so it’s certainly doable, not even mentioning there are no ATM limits or fees

Banks are not doing profit on accounts and cards. Anyway main idea is that I cannot see big difference between blue and black. Anyone so eager to have black one can spend 50 pounds and gain nice wallet as well.

I would rather go for monthly fee with metal card.

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Apparently it does (or did 14 hours ago…)

Great! You get metal and subsidise the rest of us on blue and black :slight_smile:

The black is a great deal for FREE


It’s not even for me as I’ve already got a black card. It’s for a friend of mine but I know he will drag his feet and then complain to me about missing it. :man_shrugging::man_facepalming:

Of course they profit from accounts and cards, otherwise they’d be bankrupt by now :wink:

I got an answer, but not an nice one.
I have to pay 50Pounds no Chance to get the same offer then a new user. And to cancel and open a new account doesn’t help.
i also felt disappointed

So annoying when you join up, then see that I could have got the black for free. Only been a customer for 2 weeks :frowning:


I already have a black card (beta) but it is quite frustrating that new user are getting black benefits while old users aren’t. I’m not saying that Curve should sponsor wallets or metal cards for existing users but I think that giving black benefits would be a really nice touch. Rewarding loyalty and all that.

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Yeah, when new users get things for free when long time users have to pay £50 it’s a little frustrating. I agree, Curve shouldn’t give free upgrades through ‘sponsorships’, but upgrades on the 1 yr mark or something would be nice. But then no one would pay for Black if they knew they’d get it to free.

So while I do agree with you, I don’t know how Curve can do these sort of things without it being abused, a loss for Curve or annoying someone.

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Perhaps they could give the beta users black? I mean we already have black cards, it’d be a simple software update.

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@Curve_Marie why don’t you offer tier upgrades for referrals? That seems like a no brainer. May just be me but I’d rather be on my way to a metal card than have the 15 pounds you’ve sent my way for referrals.


Deleted because I missed the point.

As I said, perhaps just me. However I would expect Curve to up your tier based on a number of referrals a lot lower than 10… Why not let customers choose, £5 per referral or 5 referrals for the next tier (for example).

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Nah your good as you did say metal but my post above was about the black card so forget about that. :grin:

I believe the metal card will come with a monthly and or yearly fee.

I would like Curve to offer the metal card for a one off fee. So if a person was to buy the card with a one off payment, they would have all the benefits of a pro membership but a metal card.

No way would they do that, not unless those 5 pay for the black card then I guess that could work. Then someone already on the pro (black card) level could possibly get the metal card plus benefits for a year. After the year you keep the metal card but drop down a benefit level back to the pro level. Not unless you sign up another 5 people then it rolls over or carries on for another year.

I feel like we’re discussing the numbers (pointless) rather than the principal (interesting?).

The situation with the REISE code is a shame.

I am not a fan of wee shenanigans and will not get the card by providing a new phone number, as many people do, but an option to upgrade with this code should be open to existing users.

I’ve contacted Curve support about upgrading or changing my limits (I am only interested in (much) higher ATM limits, as Curve looks like a good alternative to revolut in my case). I’ve even offered to pay for curve black, however not the full price, but a price which reflects the purchasing strength of the currency in my home country.

The answer I’ve got was that there are “no free or discounted black cards” being offered at this moment. Which is not exactly true, as we can see from the above…

Please show more respect to your existing users.