Curve giving away premium for free to new users

Erm the majority of what I said was about the principle but never mind.

Let’s discuss the principle. It’s dead in the water. Why? Because soon Curve will have 3 different tariffs. Free, pro and metal. I don’t think they won’t allow someone to jump from free to their metal tariff, no matter how many people that you give your code too. I also don’t think they will change from offering credit as that is universally understood and offers more benefits for the vast majority of people.

Oh and Merry Xmas! :smiley:

Well let’s see if any changes are upcoming. I wouldn’t hold my breath and wait for it to happen.

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P. S. Hopefully we can have this same conversation around this time next year as to whom was right.

I suspect that the black card will be worthless soon anyway.

I can’t see it offering any benefit when the more expensive metal card is released.

I suspect that it will be a wasted £50 so I wouldn’t worry about a few getting it for free. Incidentally I know of several who were upgraded free by CS. I paid, but others got it free. Such is life.

A huge one is no annual or monthly fee which metal will have a least one of the above, if not the choice of one or the other.

The black card will offer the same benefits it currently does over the free version.

True some people have been upgraded but many more have paid £50.00 for it. So I doubt it’s going anywhere as they can all exist in harmony.

I would think it unlikely to be completely fee free, given the extensive list of benefits being teased:

Curve goes full metal jacket

We will kick-off 2019 by releasing Curve Metal - the most rewarding card in the market yet. With a seductive selection of colours and superbly-crafted finishing, 1% cashback, unlimited fee-free Amex, unlimited access to the intra-bank rate, gadget insurance, worldwide travel insurance, and collision damage waiver insurance - Curve Metal will truly become the only card you’ll ever need. We will initially launch Curve Metal for UK residents only, however we aim to roll it out across the EEA.

This may be about to change:

Adding more benefits to Curve Black

Worldwide travel and medical insurance (for UK, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Portugal and Spain residents to start with), higher fee-free limits for spending abroad, Amex support for UK residents with £1000 fee-free monthly spend, and more - Curve Black is more attractive than ever. If you are already a Curve Black owner, we will send you an email shortly with more information.

Source for both quotes:

First post here, but I’m actually watching this quite eagerly - I have a Lloyds Platinum account currently but dependent on the packaged benefits with Metal, it could be an interesting proposition.

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The question now is how existing Black users will be moved to the new model


I hope it’s only for new Coustumers. I wont pay 10 Pounds per month. Then i’ll go back in time to curve free.


You get a 6 month grace period after which they’ll start charging 9.99! How someone thought this was ok is beyond me…

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Is there any source for the 6 month grace period?

Totally agree, being a loyal patron of Curve I thought they could and would disrupt the Fintech space, which they have… but now they are ‘following’ in the steps of Revolut/N26 with this subscription service and not paving they’re own way in new/exciting/innovative ways. I personally see Curve’s core offering being a ‘centralised platform for your financial life’ WITH the additional benefits being insurance and cashbacks etc etc. If they focused on developing this platform and improving it (e.g brining back AMEX was a mega win! but adding additional features as joint Curve accounts, Family accounts, incorporating a watch app so you can switch cards using your watch… stuff of that nature and not just jumping on some subscription bandwagon. I would consider coughing up for a subscription service. Unfortunately, I see myself downgrading to blue as I see no benefit at all in remaining on the Black tier. Apologies for being so negative but have been really passionate about Curve and what they do ever since I’ve been a member and customer! :slight_smile:

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That’s not negativity, @thai_888. You’re echoing the disappointment expressed by a very loyal customer base - a loyalty which will surely be tested, at least within this forum.

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@Curve_Alejandro confirmed it in another thread

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Spoke with people who got the card via the REISE code.
Guess what: no way they will be paying for a scheme they signed of as a freebie.
Although they did not have to pay 50 quid for it, they feel that the code provided by reisetopia was worth the amount and probably will complain there.

Curve has to learn it the hard way.
It usually does not work getting clients to pay for a product that was sold to them as free.

Yeah, it’s one thing when say Netflix raises the subscription price. It’s another when something you didn’t have to pay on a recurring basis turns into a subscription

This black thing has me seething. I would not have purchased it if i knew it would turn in to a subscription model.

I paid the £50 for the higher abroad spending/atm limits. I haven’t even been abroad yet. But as it said for life. They say go back to blue but that means I’ve spent £50 for 3 months worth of higher limits. I think i’m going to do chargeback/small claims. This is misleading people and the ones who have made them money. What did blue holders put in? Nothing but they stay the same. Old card holders should be able to keep what they paid for.

The higher limits abroad is all i wanted. If that had been £5 a month I would not have paid for it.

I call on curve to refund black customers their £50 and let them decide if they want the subscription model.


Thank you for everyone who has voiced their thoughts and offered insight into how to attract new customers while our current customers. Our Business Development team has received your feedback. The campaign has been closed and future campaigns will carefully consider how we reward new and current customers.

On that note: all current Curve Black customers will be able to opt-out from subscriptions. You can read more here: Current Curve Black cardholders: Subscriptions and Grandfathering