Curve gone back 3 steps!?

In my view, curve has gone back 3 steps and struggling to get back!

GBIT gone first

Refunds doesn’t work unlike other high street bank or fintechs (come in 3 days whereas am struggling for refunds after waiting for 10-14 days!!)

Refunds if processed, goes to a curve cash card from where we can’t put back to the original card until end of the month. Unbelievable.

If someone like me who got a Curve black card find this frustrating, can’t imagine what a metal tier customer or investor would find. Time for an alternative? :thinking:

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GBIT is working fine, they just can’t action the payments made when Wirecard were their processor which is completely logical.

Except for pending payments, which are a problem at the moment for me personally, my GBIT refunds are happening in less than 24 hours.

The problem is that still there’s no alternative :confused: fully agree here, and the GBIT issues have no excuse whatsoever.
You can debit an arbitrary amount to a card without using the same token, I don’t understand why people keep saying ‘this is completely logical’

Similar views on the other two issues I mentioned? Just to confirm if am missing something.

You are right GBIT started working recently for new transaction processed in-house, however I couldn’t do this last week and curve support confirmed that it isn’t working.