Curve has just refunded a credit card purchase to a current account I no longer even use, why don't you let us choose where refunds go instead?

I love using Curve online, I can just keep the card frozen at all times and simply unlock it as I am making purchases online. It works well on Amazon and stops family accidentally spending on my card when they are on the shared Amazon account too.

HOWEVER, if I am buying clothes online for example, trying on a few, choosing what I want to keep, then sending those that are too small etc back. The way Curve refunds is absolutely ridiculous. So I made a purchase of £100 and was due £50 refund on Amazon after trying on the clothes and choosing what I wish to keep.

I made the purchase on a credit card. Where does Curve refund, it was split, half went back to my credit card and half went back to an inactive current account of which I don’t use and also have removed this card from Curve.

I assume this is a random algorithm trying to guess where to best send the refund? Why does it even consider sending it to a card that has since been removed from Curve?

Why doesn’t Curve allow us to choose instead, surely isn’t a massive coding expense is it?

Honestly, this isn’t a headache, I will just try login to this current account and move the money about to find it’s way back to my credit card.

But the thing is, just knowing this may be a possibility every time I shop online, I am immediately thinking of alternative ways to spend online that don’t involved Curve.


Hey Dan, sorry to hear about this trouble with refunds from Amazon.

Amazon processes refunds by refunding the cost of each individual item separately but with the same title rather than processing one large refund for all refunded items. Since our refund system uses merchant names and their value to match refunds to a correct transaction and card, this approach of refunding in smaller amounts with the same name can sometimes lead to confusion. If a refund has been incorrectly processed to the wrong card then our support team will be happy to look into this for you to correct this!

Long term, your feedback about being able to choose which card a refund is processed to is a fantastic idea and it will be provided to our Product team to be investigated.

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Thanks. I have no problem that this ha happened, would be great to see Curve trying to make the experience better, that’s the main thing really, if customers can see Curve is fixing these type of things most people I assume will remain very patient. I guess it’s a unique challenge where in the past it would always go to the same card when Curve was not used. This challenge is unique to Curve.

Go Back In Time For Refunds? Great idea!!

(Shall I patent/trademark GBITFR now?)

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We’ll race you for it @sayling! :man_running::dash:

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Hopefully the product team is aware since this functionality has been promised at least since August 2020… Refunds - Another 'coming soon' promise broken - #15 by Hannah

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