Curve has lost its way

I was so excited two weeks ago tomorrow (Fri 25 Jan) when I received an emailed to say that, as a beta tester, I could apply for a Metal card.

I applied enthusiastically, looking forward to receiving my rose gold card in a matter of days.

Then we had the Amex news. A huge blow, but - I thought - this wasn’t their fault, so I would continue to support this innovative British startup, despite bending my own principles about paying the £15/mo for a card that suddenly has a lot less benefit.

I was still looking forward to the novelty of a metal card, a new phenomenon in the UK (but one I’m sure will become the norm in two years) but… then… the disappointment.

I’ve been waiting for almost two weeks for the card (I’m really only paying for the fact it’s a metal card, I get all the other benefits from other places).

I am still waiting. That only remaining novelty didn’t show up.

I contacted support last week and only - finally - got a response yesterday, with an offer of a new ‘replacement card’ (so another 5-7 working day wait). I replied to ask if I could still use the previously issued card they sent if it arrived in the meantime. To which, the customer service advisor said ‘don’t worry, you’ll only get one’.

Ok, so you never sent the last one then!

I am afraid - even without the Amex issue - this launch has gone to shizzle… and smacks to me that Curve has a lot of growing up to do, especially as a firm related to financial products (= requisite trust is missing!)

So disappointed, it seems you have crashed and burned.


I am deeply disappointed as well.

I paid 50 GBP for Black Card + Tumi 18 (shipped 15 days ago) days ago, never retrieved anything. I wrote to support 8 days ago, no reply. Not exactly a good start.


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

Oh… then just update us to this effect!

Received my card today - finally! It’s beautiful.