Curve have kept my refund money

I used Curve with Tesco pay on 20/9/21 and they over charged me. They processed the refund immediately. Still not showing on my account, I have messaged C multiple times and raised a complaint and I all I have got was silence. It’s showing on my Tesco Pay account but not on my Curve account.

Very concerned that I will never see my money again.


Please contact the Social Media Team via Twitter @AskCurve (or use the Contact form on They can check this case for you and provide you with an Acquirer Reference Number, which Tesco then can use to track down the refund in the card scheme network.

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I have the same issue. Returned a product but the refund has not shown up in curve. Have already asked support but looking at all the complaints around support it will probably be a very long time before it is resolved…

Hi there,

ask the merchant for the Acquirer Reference Number and give it to Curve.

I have received the ARN and will forward it to curve.

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Update: I have mailed curve with the ARN and explained the issue. Quite swiftly I received response and they admitted it was a glitch somewhere. The same day the refund was processed and refunded.

So kudos for the Curve support team! :+1:

I had refund on Amazon went on to curve app but failed to go on to my underlying card after several manual attempts and failing to go to my underlying bank card I asked for it to go on to curve cash seams there is problems the now with refunds

Can confirm there is no issue with refunds, just tested it by charging myself and refunding it.

Amazon refund of £0.01 converted to €0.01 never went on so had to go on to curve cash card don’t know why it would be attempted so many times manually and nothing happening strange one cause my PayPal refund from National express on the day I made it cancelled the payment as if it never happened

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