Curve in South Africa

Going to South Africa hopefully in March. The best rate is to simply take money out there.

However what’s people’s experiences on declines and the use of ATM’s. Does it even work? Do the ATM’s charge their own fee? Do most shops work or does curve class it as high risk and then you’ll get a decline. I will take some cash from here as you should always have a backup.

Also is curve black legacy £400 fee free from the ATM and then 2%?

Many thanks

Your Curve will work in SA. I go home twice a year and no issues there. im going home in 3 weeks. So ill-using the card more while I am out there

Do yourself a favour take cash out during the week and try to avoid the weekend.

I personally try and avoid cash given the local challenges. Most shops have tap and go card readers.

As always all way keep a second card handy should you need it. but i have not had an issue in the past.

Local ATM machines… Yes the banks will charge you a local fee and each bank is going to have its own withdrawal costs. So If there are a few different bank ATMs in the same location you can pop your card into the different bank ATM’s machine and check the fees. You are talking about are R50 to take cash out again depending on the bank

As your Curve card a Master Card. i would be supprised if you had any issue with this out there

Have a great trip and be safe

Thank you for your comprehensive reply! :smiley:Interesting the ATM charges 50 rand which is about £2.40 so it’s worth getting the maximum that a cash machine allows. Whatever that is? Also are the ones from supermarkets cheaper? Actually what banks cash machines were the cheapest in your opinion?

Also black legacy fee free from curve for £400? So £800 would only be the equivalent to 1% fee on the whole lot.

I’ll take some cash just in case. But at 1% it’s still cheaper than a bureau de change.

Interesting about the weekend fee. Looks like it might go but is it at the MC rate? That’s a good rate about .2% below the interbank rate. Good times if it’s true.