Curve inefficiency

I’ve been a curve customer for years now…
I wasted so much money on curve for the following reasons…

  • The curve platform looks outdated
  • The curve platform is clunky and sometimes i don’t even know where to put my nose
  • The metal cards look HORRIBLE PLEASE UPDATE THEM
  • I’m still expecting a refund of 100 euros since august
  • The support system is the most inefficient i’ve ever seen
  • Doesn’t let you have virtual cards
    And for 15 euros per month guys, i might as well switch to Revolut and still save 1 euro for an Espresso as well as many many headaches

CURVE should be quick cause they will start loosing customers, my 42 pounds refund is on its way (thats what they said) but since then more money were taken from my account even that my card was locked and my debit card removed from the app, thats worrying that is possible!

They will have to get back on track ASAP


Do something please

Support I’m finding is still appalling, two years after having first left because of it.