Curve Insights showing in AUD and unable to change on iOS

Naïve Curve user here.

I have an EU bank credit card denominated in EUR for use in Eurozone, and my UK GBP cards for UK all in Curve.

I should not get and FX fees when I spend on my EU/EUR card for an EUR transaction, should I?

FX related:
For some weird reason all the Curve insights are set to AUD so I never know what I really spent. Curve support cannot explain why this is. Screenshot enclosed.

In my app it might look a little bit different, I am on Android and I guess you are on iOS. But I am able to select the currency in which Insights is showing myself by tapping the currency (upper right). See screenshot below.

If your underlying EUR card is set to EUR in the Curve app, you should indeed not be charged any FX fees when paying in EUR.

They did not implement this on ios. There is no currency symbol to click on.

Thank-you for confirming I should not pay FX fees.

I just discovered this is already the case on iOS since at least August 2021.

Another case of Curve ios not up to scratch when compared with Android.

Similar for the massive ios cache verses the small Android cache.

Not a peep out of Curve regarding these problems