Curve Insurance contract misunderstanding

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My wife and I have both subscribed to Metal plan (me on 31/03/2020 and my wife 03/03/2022). As I can see on this page ( we are eligible for the new insurance policy because we subscribed after the Feb 24th 2020 :

For example : the difference is between phone loss or damage insurance (previous 800€, new contract 1500€).

I raised a claim in January on Axa because I broke my phone, Axa refund me the maximum 800€ and (I did not pay attention about the terms). I contacted Axa today to inform that I have 1500€ coverage and I was supposed to have better refund. They informed me they contact you and I have the 800€ cover.

As you can see :

I contacted the support on the chat but the answer is usefull and tell me to raise a request to Axa ?!

Thank you for your help

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The insurance documents, with the €1500 value, are valid from the 10th of May (as can be seen on the screenshot you provided). As you claimed in January you can not claim the €1500 retrospectively, as at that time a value of €800 was in effect.
This is also what AXA is correctly telling you:

Therefore under the policy wording at the time of your loss…the maximum benefit for the loss, theft or damage to mobile phones is €800.00 as settled.

But, at this time, I don’t agree with this part (of the same sentence) AXA is telling you

and still current

If you or you wife would need to claim again from now on (or actually from the 10th of May) in my opinion the value of €1500 should be in effect.

It looks like AXA is trying to tell that the €1500 is only valid for Metal customers who joined after the 10th of May or that the new terms aren’t even active yet. But this definitely isn’t how Curve is presenting this here. And that is probably why AXA has escalated this to Curve and why Curve is investigating.

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Thank you @Poeliev for the details :slight_smile:

I hope someone from Curve is able to answer the last question :slight_smile:

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Hi there @Will, did you provide the email from AXA for extra context when reaching out to our customer service team?

The document with insurance :open_umbrella: T&Cs and limits :page_with_curl: available directly from my Curve app :iphone: shows € 800 limit with € 50 excess per claim :moneybag:. So the higher limit might be applicable only for customers who signed :black_nib: for Metal after 22nd May 2022… :man_shrugging:

Here is the answer from the support

Also we all received this email on June 1st promoting 1500€ phone insurance.