Curve investors rewards

Dear curve, any timeframe when the new investors cards will be issued? I plan on going on a few months long holiday at the end of October and would love to take my new metal investor card with me.


Hi, I have exactly same question. Now that crowdcube has collected the investment amount , I would hope that curve can dispatch the invester cards in the next 2-3 weeks.

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I would think it will be minimum 2-3 months rather than 2-3 weeks. I invested in a few companies before curve and I’ve been still waiting for the rewards…

I have just signed up for metal (And paying) and also investment that includes metal subscription. Do I need to change cards again?

Would be nice to see the community leader @Curve_Marie respond to provide some information, failing that anyone from curve could respond.

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When would crowdfunding investors get the perks as promised?


Hi @taofu725, welcome

Just to get colleagues up to speed, which perks are you referring to?

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The one year metal tier subscription

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Early 2020 :+1:t4:

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@Malik is this an official answer or some sort of joke :wink:

I was also wondering when investor cards would be sent out.

It isn’t an official answer but I’m keeping my hopes low as I know Curve is simply too slow in doing anything of importance.


@Curve_Marie @charlie.hammond

Curve, you have to be able to provide some status update, it’s gone beyond 10 working days with crowdcube, we now approaching nearly a month since investments were made.
All I want to know is when is the actual confirmed ETA of shares and then benefits release schedule?

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I agree. I am very disappointed to have heard nothing since investment monies were taken. @Curve_Marie - how come the silence?


I agree completely. I already have the metal card and have been paying the subscription for months. Having whipped the cash out, the time taken to get ANY official response is really disappointing. Come on Curve, get your finger out!!!

Money for unnecessary rebranding but seems no money to pay for promises for those funding it.

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for a tech company i would have thought that they could have updated investors accounts by now… especially when its so easy to upgrade as a paying customer!

Come on Curve get your finger out and setup your investors accounts!

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I would prefer to keep my Curve Black Free for life card. I don’t want the metal one.

You’re able to do so, you’ll receive some info in the coming weeks!

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Update from Curve;

Hi There!
We are super excited to have you onboard as an investor in Curve.
We wanted to quickly update you on next steps following your investment.
You should receive an email from Crowdcube in the next week, containing a link you can use to download your share document. Once shares have been issued for the round, we will contact investors directly regarding timings for investor rewards, planned investor events and more!
Thank you for your patience in this process.
Best wishes,
Team Curve