Curve iOS 3.6.9 (10896) Beta

Hey all :wave:,

iOS Curve 3.6.9 (10896) will be pushed out to beta users shortly. It’s a small update with behind the scenes fixes and some illustration updates.

The watch app build is 3.6.9 (10925).

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Does this beta version has Apple Watch support? Which is the latest version with this?


Hi @razzz,

Yes it does, I just added it so it should be available. The latest version is 3.6.9 (10925) - I have updated the description above.

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Curve 3.6.9 (10925) on AW6 not work. Cannot change card, only when i wake up phone and open Curve app. Fetching is not work when phone not waked up.

Hi, on the Apple Watch, there is no cards appearing, just the ‘nicknames’ at the bottom! Taking some time to accept the card you are wanting to select.

Hello @emilychi,
On my Watch, the app arrives at the loading screen and then crashes.

Device: Apple Watch series 3 LTE

OS: WatchOS 7.3.2

App Version: 3.6.9 (10925)

Hi @Mattia sorry for the continued issues with the watch app. This is something of a side project for the iOS devs and we’ve been fairly busy with our regular projects. We are hoping to come back and fix some of the bigger issues soon but I want to be careful not to promise too much :sweat_smile:

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New beta: Curve iOS 3.6.10 (11110) Beta