Curve is not compatible with Payhawk business card

I’m a metal card subscriber.
Curve is not compatible with Payhawk. I cannot use Curve to pay for company expenses (flights, hotels, other expenses…) and therefore I cannot have travel insurance, car insurance excess waiver.

Payhawk responded the first day. They seem to be receiving Curve transactions with type “Account Funding” and, apparently, that’s a non supported type of transaction.

Curve hasn’t even responded yet.

Anyone else having issues with Black or Metal Curve cards and their virtual company cards?

There’s nothing in the insurance policy that claims that you need to pay with the curve card.

Also if you have a personal type curve card you’re no longer allowed in the terms to connect it with business type cards I believe

The website says for Black and Metal the following

“Add your business cards”

I have a personal card because I’m not a business owner, but I own a business Payhawk card and, as I understood, I should be able to use it just like any other.

As per insurance policies, the terms and conditions specify that some things must be paid with the covered card.

passenger cars, estate cars and vans, authorised to carry up to nine people authorised to use
public roads. Rental vehicles hired on a daily or weekly basis from an authorised rental agency
or hire car firm, must be paid for in full with your covered card. This cover is limited to no more
than 31 days. Collision Damage Waiver is only valid for rental vehicles rented and driven whilst
on a valid trip.

EVENT TICKET any pre-paid concert, theatre, sporting event or amusement park booked in advance
and charged to the covered card for use by you.

A brown good or a white good purchased new by you solely for personal use, which
has been charged fully (100%) to your covered card, in a store

At least your travel insurance for flights and hotels that you mentioned will still be usable.

I might have confused Curve with something else but I thought it was no longer allowed to have a business card as underlying card on a personal account. Probably different terms for different regions as well

They recently removed business cards from the free tier. I had the business card in my free subscription more than a month ago (didn’t use it through curve though), and they automatically removed it in the app when they made that decision for free tier.

And they have a concept of card associated to a business for business owners, in addition to personal cards. But this is not the case here as I understand Curve should work with any card, including company cards.

Support is not responding though. When they did ( a week ago) they asked for further details and I gave them those details.