Curve keeps getting rejected

My underlying credit card with RBS keeps getting declined now. Online/contactless/chip and pin. Only started 3 days ago. No issue if I whip out the card and use the underlying card instead.

Only time it was accepted was for a 3DS approved purchase.

Any ideas? Could the 3DS be the issue here with this card.

Same here

I had a similar issue before - Call you bank and ask them to check if there is a Visa/MasterCard 3DS block on your account.

I had no idea there was even a problem until my Curve card kept getting declined randomly and then getting accepted so, I contacted my bank and they said Visa had blocked 3DS until I confirmed specific transactions and that was it, problem resolved.

I have checked with bank and no issue with account. No blocks etc.

Hey there! I’ve gotten our team to take a deeper look into this for you and they’ve been in touch via your verified email.

Thanks. They have a said the issue is now resolved now so thank you.

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