Curve legacy black, post metal

I have just been told that after cancelling Metal, I will be put on the free Curve tier and not Legacy Black, as I was before.

The utter chaos and confusion continues. I thought I was allowed to be taken back to Legacy Black after the shambolic roll out of metal?


Why get metal just to cancel it anyway? Doesn’t make sense to me.

I got it to use with Amex. I don’t know if you heard, but they had to withdraw that key feature.

(Not to mention other features that are as yet unreleased or not fully ready.)

Have you replied back to them, querying this? Doesn’t seem right considering the latest update.

I’m confused. I joined Curve when I still earned unlimited rewards on numerous retailers. Prior to January 2018. Is this legacy black?

Or blue…

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I thought downgrading from subscription black took you back to grandfathered black.

Downgrading from metal took you to blue.

Total mess of a thing.

That was the original intent, but with the loss of Amex the announcement was that you could go back to your Legacy black if that’s what you started with.

This was announced before the loss of Amex, so the intent even before that was that you could downgrade from subscription black to legacy black

If you read the post above mine you’ll see my response was in regard to metal being allowed to go back to legacy black after the loss of Amex. The original intention was Sub black to legacy, with the loss of Amex they expanded that to metal as well

Fair enough. I misunderstood the context :slightly_smiling_face:

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