Curve Legacy subscribers opt in or opt out?

Do we have to email Curve to opt-out of becoming a Curve Black subscriber? It looks like it via your new updated Ts&Cs. What a crummy way of doing things. It’s opt out rather than being automatically opted in as we was told was to be the case.

Once again the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing.


Do you mean you would prefer to be automatically opted into becoming a subscriber or be on the Curve Black Legacy tier?

To be on Curve Black Legacy, but it looks like as the above T&C state that we have to opt out. I think it’s unfair especially as we have been told differently by staff on this forum.

Checking with Product to confirm the process and will write an update as soon as possible :slight_smile:


If there’s a transition to a paid-for subscription should definitely be an opt-in process, no action should be the status quo (ie Legacy). My impression was that was what was always proposed but agree the T&Cs are worded slightly ambiguously in that regard so will be good to have clarification, thanks @Curve_Marie.


Good spot, I totally missed that!

Curve always manages to one-up itself, and not in a good way.

The T&Cs are not ambiguous, they clearly say that in order to continue using Curve Black Legacy and not be charged the users need to contact Curve.

Sorry but I don’t have any more benefits of the doubt left. If it’s misleading or unclear it’s done on purpose, it’s very unlikely they manage to do this by chance each and every time.

Also, what’s that “no new features coming to Legacy”? I was under the impression that was ruled out, especially for Google Pay and Apple Pay.

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Update: If you don’t do anything, you will automatically be moved to Curve Black Legacy


Thanks Marie but given the very confused updates recently can i be super clear!

I am currently a Curve Black Legacy user - i have made no changes at all and remain a CBL so again in this instance, provided i do nothing, I will remain a Curve Black Legacy user?


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I agree it totally seemed like we had to write to support from that email. Glad things got explained in a timely manner…

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Reminder: this topic is on whether you have to opt in or out to be on Curve Black Legacy.

For discussion on Curve Black Legacy, visit the latest topic: That “New Black” announcement

Alternatively, create a new topic.

Not quite - the T&Cs above also mention ‘or through the Curve app’ so it could be a simple button to click. @curve_marie has now confirmed no action will lead to remaining on Curve Black Legacy :+1:

Answer now provided, thanks to @patrice58 for highlighting the issue and @Curve_Marie for clarifying the position. Discussion now going OT so closing thread.