Curve limit reset?

Tried to pay £2.7k using Curve today, only to find that it’s over the £2k limit.

Well I know I had limit higher than that (paid higher in 2021), so was there a limit reset somehow?

I understand notification for limit increase might not be necessary but surely you want to notify the user when you drop the limit?


Did you upgrade or downgrade your subscription after you made the higher payment? Downgrading or upgrading your Curve subscription does reset your spending limits.

Thanks Poeliev. No i haven’t changed my plan.

However, after posting and I started to read posts related to limits tag (tags are useful!)

I did have a new card in July (old one expired) hence probably the new card resets the limit.
However it would be easier if Curve could maintain the old limit automatically or let users know to apply for an increase.

I agree. That is why I add them on a regular basis when community users ‘forget’ to add them to their topics.

I am pretty certain it did/does.

I agree.

Ironically the (default) annual limit is much higher than 365x£2k
Not sure how that’s even possible to achieve …

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