Curve limits not shown as decline reason in app

I thought that I could use the Curve card as my primary card without thinking about anything else.

Last week, I repeatedly tried using the curve card for a flight ticket booking. Every time I tried using it, I got a message in the curve app that the underlying bank has declined the transaction. Then I tried with different card and got same error message.

Then I tried calling these banks as why did they declined the transaction. I was told that there was no problem from the bank side. Then I called up the booking website and I was told that there was no problem from their side and transaction was declined by bank. it was very confusing. So just to give it a try I emailed curve (as there is no phone number to call). Then I came to know that the transaction was declined by Curve due to spending limit put up by curve. But the messages I got did not mention about it.

Due to all this chaos the website where I found the cheaper ticket, the prices had gone up and I could not book for some time again as they had traces my failed transactions in the morning.

The customer service people tried to skirt off this issue pointing me to terms and conditions or giving me cliched response of how quick they were to reply to my email. But, in reality I lost hundreds of Pounds.

Bottom line is stay away. It looks attractive until you are hit.

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