Curve locking card for no reason out of the blue

I have just gone from a Curve ambassador (as in literally recommending it to every friend and using it as my sole payment card) with a metal subscription and an equity investment to absolutely despising Curve.

Here is what happened:
Two days ago, out of the blue, I got an email saying my whole account is blocked, because I have a card that is not on my name. Surprised, I looked up what was going on.
I have a company card that is on MY name, but also contains the companys name added to my Curve account. It is still on my name, hell, I even own the company in question.
I wrote that to them immediately and with Curve being historically slow in replying it took them 24 hours to reply. 24 hours of my card being blocked.

They replied that they needed a picture of the physical card with me covering the middle of the number. Here’s the thing:
a) I am not sure if they are aware, but they are supposed to REPLACE me carrying all my credit cards on me. As it happens, I am travelling for the next months and I do not have the credit card in question on me.
b) Even covering the middle of the credit card number, I find it to be very questionable security practices to ask me to send a picture of my credit card via email.

I understand that they have to ask these questions for compliance reasons, but they could have just
a) blocked that specific card
b) asked upfront, because having been a customer for years I am pretty sure they must have some amount of confidence in my standing having never had a problem

Overall, they messed up badly in my opinion. Maybe I am the idiot here, but even if they resolve this now, I can never rely on Curves USP again: Replacing all credit cards in my wallet.
I am done with them, cancelled my premium membership and will not be using Curve again. I just wanted to leave this post here just in case anyone responsible reads it this way.


Hi and welcome to the Curve Community. :wave:

You’ve given no space for any kind of resolution or anything like that, you made your decision which I am sorry about but I wish you the very best in your future endeavours.


Correct me if I am wrong but when I joined curve it says your not allowed to use it for business if you choose personal. Then if you choose business you can’t use it for personal. I can’t remember for sure but mine always said commercial on the back of my curve card cos I used it for my limited company cards

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That is true. Of course with a commercial card it’s hard to see what is personal and what is business use but with a personal card it’s slightly easier to tell.

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Yeah in fairness I don’t know the ins and outs of the way curve works from the backend so my input is a bit useless but just wanted to partake in the discourse.

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You’re welcome here anytime. :+1:


Thank you for your input. I will ipebly admit that I was not aware of not being allowed to use business cards on my name on my Curve account. It also does seem a bit absurd that I am able to select “This is a business purchase” in the app, then.
My point still stands, though: Yes, I have made a mistake. Claiming to be the replacement of all credit cards it is still not acceptable to block the entire account instead of asking for clarification. They have now lost my trust and that is the worst thing a financial provider can do.

That’s for commercial cards. For personal cards it won’t be used so it’s there purely for business users.

If you say you own a company when applying then Curve automatically issues you a commercial card. Happened to me.

You never could. Even Curve recommends carrying a backup card. It’s a sensible precaution, but yes it does contradict that rather optimistic strapline. Ironically my Curve card turned out to be the least reliable payment method I’ve ever used, so it’s now become the backup.

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I agree it is very harsh and Curve is not a bank, that said they could easily just block the one card until the matter is resolved and that would of been not only logical but the knowingly put the interest of the customer first so as to not inconvenience you.

The lack of not being able to actually speak to a member of Curve is disgraceful in itself as they have an awful customer response if ever they do reply!

Regardless of certain self righteous individuals who think they know it all on here (they dont) you also have consumer rights inline with FCA guidelines and from what I read that you wrote they clearly have failed to follow on all points here.

I would never just carry one these cards only - NEVER - they are just not a trustworthy and customer focused company that you cannot rely on to help sort out any issues. From memory they have to inform you if they suspect illegal or possible miss use of the card not just block and do nothing etc. The consumer rights have very much been broken and I share your grief at Curve.

Isn’t that against the AML Rules. Tipping off is illegal as it can prejudice the investigation. That’s why banks always say “we can’t tell you why” crap.

I’m not trying negate the other points you have made about blocking everything rather than one thing but there are lots of rules financial institutions have to follow. Some rules are years old and outdated but are still in force to this day.

That’s 100 per cent true.

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Yes, it is indeed illegal if they suspect illegal use (AML and similar). However, if they are not sure if that card is actually mine there is no reason to block the entire account. They can just ask for further details and block the usage of that card, at least I am not aware by any regulatory or even FATF rules that would require them closing down my entire account, especially after years of usage should have given them some amount of confidence in me not acting maliciously…

Just noticed I have a business card (probably registered as self employee). Does it mean I should only do business spending on curve ? Should business spending done only with business cards (not necessarly in my country with my status)

Apparently if you do not have a specific Curve business card you are not allowed to have a business card in your Curve account, or the same thing that happened to me might happen to you as well without warning…

I have a business card, but did not even now I just noticed because I received a new curve card and it says “business”. Though I only have 1 business card in curve all others are non business.

But this make me doubt since I mainly use Curve for personnal spending.