Curve Login & security

Recently, I have heard one of my friend (who I recommended) whos email accounts got hacked. hacker manage to login curve using the magic link which very venerable as curve doesn’t ask any security question and it shows full card detail in the card. she has lost £2000 (of course curve/bank has refunded it now)

why curve can not implement two-step authentication for at least new app sign in

  1. magic link.
  2. password/memorable number/text via mobile

I feel curve need to action this with priority to protect its user.

It’s sad that your friend was unable to fulfil their responsibility of keeping their email account safe. Why didn’t your friend implement two factor authentication for their account?

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Every person doesn’t know how to make best security on every aspect of digital life, however this feature would be useful to protest similar kind of vulnerability.

Even with 2FA email isn’t very secure, plenty of opportunities for badly configured email servers to compromise sensitive information. For financial applications it’s definitely a good idea to mitigate this with 2FA of their own.

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