Curve made some strange transactions that took large amount of money from my account. Has anyone else experienced this in a past few days?

Hi. So this morning we have seen large sums of money taken from our account in some transactions that we havent made, the transactions appeared with the names and places as the real transactions that we made but with much larger amounts of money. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Curve refunded these transactions but i am still worried about the amounts and if whether i will get all of my money back or not…

Can you show us some screenshots?

Yes, i already contacted curve and they promised to get the refunds back and everything but now i have to wait for this to be visible on my bank account. Its very very scary. I will attach the screenshots in next comment.

So this is from one card. Transactions that are true are of 168 and 208 ISK. And the next day, today, Curve took another 16,635 and 20,585 ISK which i havent spent in those two places with the same name as those previous transactions.

So, these are duplicated transactions again. The same has happened twice last year.

Another card, transaction number 1,2 and 3

Transactions number 5,6

Real transactions that took place the day before!!! The ones in red are duplicated transactions but with 100x bigger amount which is crazy!!

Do you think this problem will be resolved? Took more than 10000€ off my account this is ridiculous?
Thank you for your help.


Exactly the same here too!

Genuine transaction was for £7.16. Duplicate transaction for the same retailer name for £566.35 taken on the same day. I trust that Curve will reimburse me for the over limit fee and interest I will now incur on my credit card account as a result?!

Im glad im not the only one, even though im genuinely sad that this had happened!!
Please let me know here in this chat message if you have any new info and if you had gotten your money back!! Wish you luck!!



Duplicate transaction issues happened in past with curve (refunds solved that), but this is first when I see complaints about “multiplication duplicate”. says all fine. :man_shrugging:

Well this is a pretty big incident!! I urge curve to explain what and why this had happened!! We just want our money back please, really not a good time in the world right now for this to be happening! :cry:


I’ve raised a ticket with Curve, and also queried it via their social media channels, so will update here when I receive any response.

For me the genuine transaction and the duplicate/erroneous one were dated 25/04 if that helps anybody else with timelines etc. And whilst both appear on my credit card account, only the genuine one shows in the Curve app.

I would also inform your bank and tell them that those transactions were not genuine made by you, but some unknown error from curves side.

p.s. Stuff like this can happen even with “real” banks. I remember I was double charged by large amount from my bank while ago. It was completely different issue, not in any way related to curve.

Anyway, its scary. And timing is not good indeed.

So sorry you’ve experienced this!

Glad to hear that you’ve been in contact with our team and that the money will be refunded to you.

I hope it will!! Its a shock and I would like for you make it visible on your status page that this happened today with several people :cry:

Large incidents today I believe :woman_shrugging:t3:

I’ve just had a reply to my ticket advising it was being passed to the fraud team, my card blocked etc.

I’ve tried to explain that it’s clearly an error/issue rather than fraud, as the transaction simply never took place, will see what I get in reply. I’ve checked and the genuine transaction I made at the retailer was contactless, so not even an outside possibility of fraud even the contactless transaction limit and the fact my pin wasn’t used (meaning it couldn’t have become known by a third party in order to authorise the later transaction). Add in the fact that it doesn’t show in my Curve app at all, and something is clearly amiss.

It showed in my app, but i couldnt understand the amounts because the app is weird with . and , for the amounts so we didnt know if it was hundred thousand or just a thousand with a few zeros extra. Anyway i was on call with them for an hour and they refunded all of those transactions. We will see what amounts we get back, the genuine that we spent or the big ones.