Curve made some strange transactions that took large amount of money from my account. Has anyone else experienced this in a past few days?

Has anybody had any further update from Curve on this? It’s causing me a significant issue now, as I need to make payments but I’m unable to due to the loss of funds.

If you’re having an urgent issue and haven’t heard back from support I’d suggest calling them using the number on the back of the card and explaining the problem re bills now being due on the underlying cards. Hopefully if an urgent refund is initiated it’ll come through as a credit within a couple of days and be offset against the monthly bill due on the underlying card.

I havent had any news or contact with Curve since yesterday. I am still waiting for the refund to be visible on my underlying bank account. Have you had your transaction refunded by Curve, is it visible in the app?

The transaction has never been visible in the app for me. I’m having no joy getting any answers out of Curve at all. :frowning: It wouldn’t be such an issue, but I have payments I have to make and the credit available on my card was earmarked for them - now my card is over limit as a result of this error by Curve, so I can’t make the payments and I’m being penalised by my card issuer for going over my limit - even though I didn’t, Curve did without my authority!

Call the number on the back of the card and they should be able to refund quickly.

You really have to call them!!!
For me the big transactions were visible in the app as well as on my bank account.
Im gonna repeat this, YOU HAVE TO CALL THEM. They were really helpful and talked to me for more than an hour, shoutout to Henry who was very calm and helpful :v:I really hope this will be resolved soon

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My money is all back as of this morning :v:


I’m still having no joy.

Have rang 5 times now, promised 5 callbacks and still waiting.

Payment still pending on my underlying credit card, and my curve card is still blocked.


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What number are you calling?

I was calling the number on the back of the card.

Eventually managed to speak to somebody who has lifted the block on my card so I can at least make the payment I needed to. Still waiting for an update/answer on the erroneous payment, I’ve been assured it will be fixed but that doesn’t help in the meantime when I’m over £500 out of pocket and being penalised by my card issuer.

So far the only response I’ve had has been to ask whether I’m sure the transaction is showing on my CC, and if so whether I’ve checked with my CC company to make sure they’re displaying the correct value on my statement.

Hmm, yep it’s definitely there, and definitely that amount. The suggestion seemed to be that my CC provider may be showing the correct transaction (approx £7) but with an inflated value, passing the blame on to them. That’s absolutely not the case, the correct transaction is showing in both curve and the CC, settled at the correct value etc. This seemingly random payment for over £500 is the issue, and the CC company have confirmed that Curve requested it - so it’s not me and it’s not the CC, it’s definitely Curve.

Feel like I’m banging my head against a brick wall…and in the current climate I have neither the time to deal with this nor the financial headroom to take a £500 hit whilst we wait for it to be resolved. This hold on these funds is causing me real difficulties now. :frowning:


I was on call with them and they were refunding transaction after transaction that were showing in curve and i was getting notifications about every refund, two days after the money was back in my account. But in my bank account it always shows CRV as in ‘Curve’ for every transaction made by them. Try calling again or getting some kind of a confirmation from your bank about this exact transaction made by curve so you can prove to Curve that they made this.

It definitely shows as CRV on the credit card statement, which I’ve provided to Curve.
I think the issue is that the transaction doesn’t show on the Curve app at all, so there’s no transaction for them to easily refund I guess - I realise it’s a tricky/odd situation, but they need to find a way to sort it.

Another day, still no progress. :frowning:

Still nothing?

Still dragging on. :frowning:

I did get an email from Curve offering to manually refund the transaction if I sent a PDF showing it - so I duly downloaded a PDF of the recent transactions list on my CC and forwarded this to them, along with a matching screenshot. Now they’re insisting on the monthly statement - which won’t be produced for another 2 weeks! Argh!!


I assume those faulty transactions already showing as completed in your CC ? (not pending).

This is unbelievably shocking service from Curve. I truly hope it gets sorted sooner than yet another two weeks on top of how long you’ve already been having to chase this up with them!

Everyone I think about moving over to the paid for account, an email comes into my inbox regarding the forums. I quickly scroll through and see complaints on different aspects of the service which some I can understand but then you come across situations like this where you’d expected it to be sorted same or latest next day. Put me right off


Just to keep everybody updated, I still have no further update. :roll_eyes:

You know, if it wasn’t costing me nearly six hundred quid this would be farcical enough to be funny!

Over a week later, still out of pocket, still unable to make payments I need to, stilling penalised by my CC provider and still waiting at least 24hrs between responses from Curve.

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Okay but what do they tell you when you talk to them on the phone? Thats so weird, with me they’ve been very helping and talked to me for over an hour and refunded everything right away!! I just dont understand why they wouldn ignore this