Curve-magic-sign-in doesn't: "Not found"

I alrady have the app on a phone using google’s login.
On a different phone there is no google, so I have tried to enter my g email. It have sent an email containing a magic login link.
But it doesn’t work, redirects to which simply say:

Not found

Not obvious how it was designed to work. :grin:

You’re right, that’s not how it was designed to work :smile:

Have you had the chance to message Customer Support? They can check whether it’s connected to your account.

@curve_tobias, could you please have a look to see if there are more of these cases?

What phone do you have @grin? Are you on the latest app version?

It is not obviously easy until you’re logged in, but you cannot log in unless you, well, can log in. :wink:

Well I guess it is much more related to the fact that:

  • I am registered by using account
  • Then on a new phone I do not have access to the account
  • So I have tried to use as an email
  • And the results you know.

My guess is that you store google auth and email auth differently, but your system uses email as a unique id so it sees that I am known but tries to use a wrong database or table or data source, and fail to handle this case. Probably looking for my password which does not exist for google auth I suppose, and the case is not handled very well. :wink:

As a sidenote: the phone is a Xiaomi with a Chinese ROM and I need a few days for ######s to unlock it so I can replace it with a less spyware-ridden experience; until then I do not use my regular account with all my data in the open. I only hope Curve app tries to protect itself enough (as well as I do not use a card with too much money on it).

True, but there’s also the email :smiley:

I’ve reached out to one of our Test Engineers to help pinpoint what has happened and will give you an update as soon as possible :slight_smile:

Got some insight :smiley: When you first clicked on the magic link it will have asked you which app to open it with and give the option to choose your browser as well. You probably chose the browser rather than you Curve app.

Could you try to clear the app defaults for your browser or add the google account to the device? Or try again and double-check that you choose the Curve app?

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When I click on the link in the email ( it technically does the following without interaction:

(I have not traced through your javascript, I’m not paid for it. :-))

Granted: it is not very adblocker-friendly that you are rapidly using a bunch of different domains, but as far as I see neither cookies nor scripts get blocked, and I have tried on different browsers [firefox and chromium]; I don’t even have the chance to do anything, no clicking, selection or else. Click, redirects, 404.

If I can help your testing colleagues they may try to contact me directly, or, here, or else. :wink:

If I click on the link you mention the first (the one that it is in the email) it asks me (as @Curve_Marie mentioned) if I want to open it in my browser or in the Curve app (this question is standard Android behaviour).
If I choose for Curve app now, luckily for you the link has expired, because otherwise I would have had access to your Curve data.

Did you try this:

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this question is standard Android behaviour

I guess this may have been the key sentence; it implies that you actually open the link on the mobile phone. I do not read email on the phone, all my email is received by desktop and I have expected actually… something.

So I guess the javascript-fu tries to act on the phone type and since there is none… this may not have been handled.

So indeed: when I access the link in the email on the phone and ask it handled by curve, it works.

So, the missing information:

  • open the link on the phone you want Curve to have access on
  • when opening, choose the Curve app to handle the message

If you carefully read the link it may be obvious to you why it couldn’t happen, but I find your worrying very nice. :grin:

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Are you opening the magic link on your computer to log into your Curve app?

(I’m back.)

I see your point but it requires the prior knowledge that the link will log you in into the app.

I have not possessed that, and the mail did not hint that, only told me to click, and I expected to get some means to enter a new password for the email, or to acknowledge my identity, or else. Or, at least, that it would actually turn out what the link does. :slight_smile:

My suggestion is that the website should realise that the link has been clicked on a computer (or, really, on any device different from the phone in question) and tell the user what to do, and what not to do. Offering a meaningless error is probably the worst possible way to handle this user error.

(As a sidenote it would have been impossible for me to read the email on that specific phone, but copying the link and then entering into a browser made it possible to click it on. I’m possibly not the average use case. :wink: )

Wording the email to make it clear it needs to be opened on a phone and displaying an appropriate error message if opened in a web browser on a computer sound like good suggestions.


Good suggestion, I’ve forwarded it to our Product Team :smiley:

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