Curve Markets

Curve is available in many European markets that varies in terms of policies and regulations. We are working hard on making our services available for everyone. You can stay updated up where we are going next in the link below. Where would you like to see us the next year(s)?

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shipping cards to Greece

I can see in the FAQ that Greece is in the roadmap for 2018. As we draw closer to year`s end, do you have any updates ?

Revolut and N26 are availablefor quite some time, it could be doable for Curve too.


(re)introduce cards to Switzerland

Re entering the Swiss market would be a nice to have :slight_smile: This one can be tough as Switzerland is not in the EEA, nonetheless an EFTA member, so there must be some way…

The competition can be mainly in the form of TWINT , which is the cashless payment app with underlying card or bank account promoted by (almost) all banks

Key constraint is the added % fee by the underlying Swiss card issuers whenever making purchases with any card processor established outside the country

Even though its a very different market payment wise. I would love to see an expansion into Asia, such as China, Hong Kong or Singapore through the use of cards which can both be Mastercard and UnionPay as the acceptance of Mastercard is still very low in such countries.


Guess they list needs an update as curve is now shipping to Portugal

Yes, it does and has been requested :slight_smile:

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Any news if Curve is coming to Singapore? There will be a similar product released next month which will be interesting as it allows Union Pay also but restricts to 5 cards. Most people here have more cards than that so I’d love curve here… Currently Curve always charges (the bank charges) a fee as although the bank card is SGD and the currency charged is SGD the transfer goes through Curve London so the charge is put on by the bank (all banks) anyway.

It’s not on the map for the near future, but we’ll let you know when that changes :smiley:

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I’m glad I did a search around this forum and found that @Ginger_hair has asked if Curve is coming to Singapore.

I am from Singapore, and I am hoping that Curve will be here soon! I’ve signed up with my email and is on Curve’s notification list when it comes to Singapore.

@Curve_Marie Please keep us updated when Curve comes to Singapore! :slight_smile:

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I need to bring Curve to South Africa how do i go about it opening head offices here