Curve Metal abroad using Amex as underlying card. FX fees?

Hi all,

I have gone ahead and ordered a curve metal.

I have a question about using the metal card abroad.

I am going to Thailand and have the metal curve card linked to the ba premium Amex card. The BA Amex is the only card linked. Do I need to preload the Amex wallet before I go abroad to avoid any Fx fees or won’t it matter. Can I just select auto top up perhaps? I just don’t want to incur any fees from Amex. I will probably take out £500-£600 worth of Thai currency once I’m there from cash points using the curve card. Will this cost me anything? I also want to pay all my hotel bills and everything else on my curve card. Will this cost me anything in Fx fees. I won’t be making any payments or any cash withdrawals on a Saturday or Sunday. Basically I just want to make sure that while I’m abroad I won’t have a colossal bill from American Express when using my curve card abroad to pay for everything.

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Hi Ben,

FX fees will be calculated in the same way whether you preload or have it auto reload (ie. Any purchases are converted based on the rate for the day the transaction is made. Your Amex wallet is held in GBPs).

You can set up auto reload, although I don’t know the nuances of it so I’m not sure what happens if you’re reload amount is setup for £100 and you try to make a £300 transaction. If you had a £100 balance, would it top up twice to complete the transaction? I’d probably preload a good chunk for convenience, as well as starting the clock for the 30 day rolling topup limit.

Right now Curve doesn’t support cash withdrawals when using Amex as the underlying card. You can use a Visa / MasterCard debit or credit card for withdrawals but ATM fees may apply, as well as cash advance fees on your credit card. Curve has a limit for fee free ATM use as well, so fees from Curve may be incurred depending on how much you end up taking out.

Hotel bills should be fine, but pre-authorizations may not work properly with Curve and your Amex balance since the merchant will place a hold on your CC when you check in.

Hopefully that answers some of your questions, a lot of the details are found in the Curve TOS which should be referenced. You’ll save a bunch on the foreign exchange fee, but Curve + Amex may not always be suitable for your needs (ie. cash withdrawals and pre-authorizations)

Thank you very much for taking the time to reply to my questions Andrew,

If I link another card to the Curve (My usual debit) then will I be able to take out cash from an ATM without being charged (as long as I only withdraw a certain amount under curves rules)?

I will use my usual debit card (the actual card not Curve) also for the hotel pre authorisations.

So then if I use my Curve metal linked to my amex (preloaded) to purchase food and drinks and to pay off the hotel stay (and basically any other card purchases) I shouldn’t be charged any fx fees from Amex and I will still accrue the Amex points.

I apologise if I sound like an idiot. I’m new to all of this.

Thanks in advance

You should be okay, however ATM fees by the ATM operator may still apply.

That’s okay, although I normally recommend using a credit card for hotel pre-authorizations so that the hold amount is removed from your credit limit, not from your current account.

Yes, that’s the idea behind using Curve.

Hopefully my answers are all correct and make sense, let me know if you have any further questions!

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Thank you very much Andrew

You won’t be charged any fees by Amex, but you will be charged a 1.5% fee by Curve if the transaction is on the weekend. If it’s a week day (UK time), then you won’t be charged any fees at all (depending on the fee-free fx limit on whichever Curve plan you’re on of course).

Thanks for your reply Podgib

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