Curve Metal acceptance - Norway

I’ve recently come back from Norway where I thought it would be amazing to try out the curve, unfortunately the curve metal card doesn’t appear to work everywhere in Norway.

This isn’t due to the fact that they don’t accept mastercard, but it appears the devices can’t read the card. The card wasn’t accepted at my hotel but accepted in some bars and restaurants.

Anyone else had this problem or is this a defect in the card, or even just my card?

I’ll tell you in a month, have a tickets to Oslo for the end of March :slight_smile: As for now I only had a chance to test the card inside UK, no issues so far.

Where else did it not work?

It’s quite likely that at the hotel they only accept credit cards.

ski rental place, place where you bought the ski pass, some pizza joint…

That’s off the top of my head with out having to rummage through all my receipts.

Also I don’t think the credit card thing is valid as I stayed at radisson, I ended up paying with my Amex :expressionless:

Mastercard is not widely accepted in Norway. Next time use Visa card. I never had any problem with Visa card!

As a datapoint I can say that I used a Curve Black every day in a lot of difference places in Norway. I did have some problems the first week.

Really? I regularly take business trips to Norway, and I’ve never had a problem with Mastercard. In fact, one of the major banks there issues their credit cards as Mastercard.

I’ve used Curve and Santander Master Cards in Oslo and had no problems with either.

It’s specific to the metal card

I’ve haven’t been able to pay with Maestro cards. Never had an issue with my Norwegian and German Mastercards.

I’m heading back home to Norway for a visit next month. Will let you know how I got on with the metal card @cheelau

Was it when using the card for a deposit or when paying for the hotel?

yes, where it wasn’t accepted the readers just mentioned card error.

The readers a newer readers too.

I just came from Norway couple days ago (have travelled thru few different cities), and the only problem I met — was with the parking in Oslo, the parking machine hadn’t wanted to accept the Metal card’s magnet stripe. Everywhere else I’ve been paying with chip/contactless, and it worked like a charm.

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