Curve Metal Additional Insurance Perks

Where are the new perks for Metal Customers? Are they coming out soon? I know they included event tickets insurance and some more features, but not in the app?


22nd September :slight_smile:


Thank you

Do we know what they are likely to be?

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@Dann Any official announcement of this date?

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Nothing today

Launches tomorrow

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What will be the new things ? I already have ticket insurance and extended warranty in the app since a bit of time

This will be interesting as the current insurance offer is weak and had weaker further over the last few months. For instance car hire cover restricted to £25k is unfit for purpose and who knows if a mobile phone is covered during use which is not part of a holiday. Again Curve has ignored requests for clarification.

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I think it’s also outside for mobile phone. Best (and what they will tell you to do) is to check directly with AXA.

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Is it delayed ?

Nope, should be live!

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Definitely not…

Are you on metal ?

I am but nothing changed, ticket cancellation and extended warranty were there since a bit of time. But I thought they would announce new things.

Yes I am on Metal

yeah, im not getting them appear in the insurance bit of my app but they’re live as of today!

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Oh ok ! I see today it’s just the implementation of the phone insurance and extended warrant, I thought there was something new.

@jacobhodgson No update of the app available ?

Nope unfortunately

Hey :wave: what plan are you on, metal? I’m on metal but don’t see extended warranty or ticket cancellation? Are these meant to be the new ones?