Curve Metal and Apple - not valid in Germany?

first of all: Hi to everyone.

I started my Curve experience with Curve blue back in June. Since it worked wonderful, I decided to upgrade to Curve Metal. So far, everything was working as expected.
But when I tried to add the Curve metal to my Apple account, I was unable to do so.
There was an error popping up, that stating “this credit card is not valid in Germany”.
However, I was able to add it to Apple Pay. I did not have this issue with Curve blue.

Does anyone know the reason for it - and more important any further flaws that might arise from it?

Thank you for your feedback,


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You might want to check out this topic:

Specifically this post in the topic:

As mentioned in that post regarding your Apple Account. Your Curve Blue Card has a German BIN (so is recognized as a German Card), where your Curve Metal Card has a UK BIN (so is recognized as a UK card).

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Thank you for welcoming me and for your swift feedback.

In the meantime, I have read what you suggested - and can unfortunately confirm it.
Same with the Spotify account - I cannot use my Curve metal to have it paid while having my country switched to Germany.

Seemingly, Curve Metal is not yet ready to be used all around the globe - at least not for my use cases.

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Places like Spotify and Netflix use the card’s country of issue as a means of verifying residence. Technically, by EU law, as all payment cards issued in member states should be considered equally valid, this is an unlawful and just plain wrong practise, but it’s hard to get their internationally-used systems to accept this fact.

I’ve read that if you contact Spotify support directly they can add your UK card manually if you ask, but I cannot confirm that for certain.

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@Nelthorim I am fully aware that with a certain size of business there also comes the ability to choose which regulations may be interpreted in which way.
However, I don’t really understand the sense behind this. From my perspective, the service provider should mainly be interested in earning money - where it comes from should be second.

Just as a feedback - Netflix is working for me without any issue. And I’ll get in touch with Apple and Spotify to see qhat can be done in a direct conversation.

Thank you so far for sharing your thoughts.


Da man ja die Metal-Card wegen der UK-BIN nicht als Zahlungsmethode bei Apple hinterlegen kann, besteht die Möglichkeit als Zahlungsmethode dafür Apple Pay auszuwählen. Klappt so ohne Probleme.

Absolutely correct.

I posted more about this, including a possible solution for Curve to implement here:

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