Curve metal Apple Pay updated design

My Apple Pay card updated with the red metal card with addition of the curve logo on it.

Have curve updated the curve metal card design?

I’m pretty sure I always had the correct red metal card design on Apple Pay?

The new Apple Pay design not exactly like my metal red card

Oh! Interesting!

No, I still have the ‘correct’ red metal card design on Apple Pay. I wonder why they’d do that - it definitely doesn’t look as good :frowning:

I know the investor cards have the new logo

My old card logo on Apple Pay

Yes, but they removed the big logo in the centre - it looks too busy with both :thinking:

I wonder if the investor cards on Apple Pay will have investor somewhere else as Apple put part of card number there where investor is put

Same in Google Pay for black plastic card - new design with “CURVE” name in the upper left corner. I must say it doesn’t insult me - I kinda like it… :sunglasses::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Only google and Apple Pay I was told and I like it but it want be like that on cards the metal cards have curve on back of the card so no need to have it on both

My bunq cards are different on Apple Pay than the physical plastic cards though I like how bunq did Apple Pay wish they did them in physical form but the metal bunq cards look same on Apple Pay

We’ve updated how it looks like in your digital wallet you can locate it easier :smiley:


Yep just checked Apple Pay and I can see the updated design.

Ah! Now that seems like a good reason :slight_smile: Although in my Apple Pay it’s only an American Express and Curve so it’s not particularly difficult!

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