Curve metal april prize draw 0421

Just received details of this prize draw.
As I understand it anyone using Curve will be entered into this prize draw for a years Curve Metal based on usage over the period of the promotion. I also understand in the T&Cs that if you ‘win’ you can decide at the end of the year of complementary Curve Metal to go back to your original tier. Can you confirm there would be no issue in going back to the ‘grandfathered Black’ tier in this situation?


I didn’t receive this message. Do you have a link?

Flashed up in the app.

T&Cs at: Curve Metal April Prize Draw

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:man_shrugging:t2: Again UK only…sigh


I’d also like to know if legacy black users can go back to their cards after the year ends?

Would need official confirmation from Curve, but I suspect not - once you’ve left Legacy Black I don’t think you can return.


Hey @ardenwasp, welcome to the Community!

As we don’t offer Curve Black Legacy anymore it wouldn’t be possible to go back to this tier. I will pass this feedback on so the T&C’s can be updated.

So can we opt out of the promotion if we are on Black Legacy, or just not accept the prize if we won?

If you prefer to stay on Curve Black Legacy then you can chose not to accept the prize if you win.

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Thanks for that.

That’s pretty terrible to be honest. For legacy Black it’s not a “competition prize”, more like a devious attempt to get you off the card. At its best it’s discriminatory towards Curve Legacy Black users.


Curve is a business. Legacy Black users are a financial burden so, of course they’d prefer them to be ‘off the card’.

Not really sure why you’d say that. We get next to nothing above the free tier. We cost practically nothing to Curve’s business and if there is no evidence that legacy black customers would move to Metal if they were forced to away from Black. If they moved to Blue the cost would be almost the same.

Anyhow, we digress. A prize should be a prize, not with a semi-forced tie in at the end.

It’s like saying, hey, you’ve won the free use of a villa in the Bahamas, but after a year unless you buy it you can’t move back home!


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The T&C’s are categorically clear. “YOU CAN DOWNGRADE TO YOUR PREVIOUS TIER”

Yeah unfortunately when it comes to legacy tiers there’s always a different rule. I agree though, it’s not fair at all.

The T’s & C’s make no mention of that so it can be assumed that it applies to everybody.

I suspect many tens of thousands of people have participated based on the published Terms and Conditions.

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Yep I agree, definitely misleading

If you win, and you currently a curve investor card will curve give you a metal investor card

when is the draw results communicated ?