Curve Metal Car Hire Insurance issue

I tried to cover My Car hire insurance in Crete, Greece last week. I told about insurance, but The firm doesnt accept it. They offer to me two options. Reserve excess cover from My credit card (1500e) or buy their own full cover insurance. I paid for insurance (~250e/10 days). Anyone facing same problem and If, how did you explain that you have that insurance already.

I haven’t used it yet, but my understanding is the €1500 is the maximum excess right? In which case you would pay that on a credit card behind Curve, then the Metal policy would reimburse up to that amount if you had a collision covered by the policy. No collision means full refund of the excess when the car is returned

Curve has said in the past that it should work as a credit card and reservations from car hire companies should be held by curve and not be drawn from our underlying cards…

Doesn’t work… and the insurances isn’t working either…

The phone insurance (accidental loss or theft) doesn’t work as advertised so why would the car insurance…

I guess Curve aren’t lying in that the underlying charge is a pre-authorisation so doesn’t leave your account? But not how it was communicated

I’ve no experience with claiming on their insurance products but heard the negatives

Goldcar in Spain last year: I let them preauth the excess, around 1500€. They can’t care about any cover I had on Curve as it is nothing of their business. Then they scammed me of 300€. Did a claim on AXA and AXA paid 300 less 50 excess.
Everything worked as expected.